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Musician Brett Perkins: New Year. New Music.

Musician Brett Perkins: New Year. New Music.

With a new year brings about new music, and with new music brings new sounds. Ring in 2017 with the new music from Nashville based worship artist / song writer, Brett Perkins. The Cross Made a Way, releasing January 13,is a fusion mix of indie, alternative rock, and electronic vibes ensuring a fresh approach to the honest and revealing message of grace, redemption, and hope.

The Cross Made a Way - EP was a response to a conviction Brett had to tell a story with his music. There is something (someone) greater than us. We pail in comparison to it. In order to attain access to it, something has to be done beyond our capability. When that action is made, we have no other worthy response than submission and awe. That is the story. A Holy God. Sinful, blinded man. A dividing wall of hostility preventing access to God and His presence. An act of love that only God could fulfill. And a response to this great message of grace.

When asked about this project, Brett explained, “We wanted to tell a story with each song that gave greater meaning and insight into the greater story of the record. Each song is a scene in the greater narrative.” The sounds from this record are unique and fresh. An eclectic group of influences like Killers, M83, MuteMath, Blink 182, and Ryan Adams make this an interesting and captivating record from beginning to end. “We really tried to make each song it’s own, taking creative risks with each track. We wanted to match the lyrical mood to the musical vibe in hopes to engage the listener of any background.”

Brett is a worship leader at The Journey Church in Lebanon, TN - 30 minutes east of Nashville. You can find The Cross Made A Way on iTunes, Spotify, and other online distribution / streaming sites. To keep up with his whereabouts and happenings, or if you’re interested in booking Brett for upcoming events, check out, or simply give him a follow on Twitter (@brettperk), Instagram (@brettperkinsmusic), or FB (Brett Perkins Ministries).