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Behind the Scenes: The Journey Series

Just over 25 years ago Larry Breedlove built the first Breedlove. He brought innovation in body shape, construction and balanced sound. Over these 25 years, the Breedlove journey of innovation has evolved through varying body sizes and shapes, different construction approaches, and the pairing of extraordinary exotic tonewoods to achieve Distinctively Crafted Sound.

It is an incredible journey experimenting with wood pairings like salvaged Redwood and Ziricote, Port Orford cedar and Myrtlewood…Bearclaw spruce and Cocobolo. As we begin our next 25 years, the journey has brought us to the  most extraordinary exotic tonewood collection ever. Over 50 years ago a few Brazilian rosewood logs were shipped from NE Brazil to a village just outside of Madrid, Spain. It was stored in an open air warehouse for a couple decades and then sawn into tonewood sets, stickered and left to season for decades more. Brazilian rosewood has long been regarded as the pinnacle of all tonewoods for its amazing ability to resonate deep, rich, powerful bass notes while still shimmering with the treble tones. And the half century natural aging of this Brazilian collection has given Breedlove the finest tonewood ever. All legally documented.

We have designed two limited edition models of 50 each – available during 2016 – until they are gone.  We have aptly chosen the names, The Breedlove Journey Concert and The Breedlove Journey FS. These concert instruments are designed for completely different playing styles and sound, confirming our mastery of Distinctively Crafted Sound.

The Breedlove Journey Concert delivers powerful, robust sound. It takes full advantage of Brazilian rosewood's character of delivering highly present bass tones much as a woofer does for a sound system. There is little subtly with this instrument, the more a musician dives into the Breedlove Journey, the more it will respond. The salvaged Sitka spruce top is paired perfectly to allow for tonal balance and, most importantly, tonal range. The Breedlove Journey truly comes alive the second it is played.

The Breedlove Journey FS Concert is a true sweetheart. Designed for fingerstyle play to deliver note-for-note warmth and beautiful sound. This limited edition presents the perfection of the Breedlove journey. Breedlove concert body fingerstyle guitars are well known for their tonal spectrum and volume balance. Innovations like graduated tops, the Breedlove bridge truss system, asymmetrical headstocks and pinless bridges have all contributed to the unique Breedlove fingerstyle sound. With the Breedlove Journey FS we have gone to two extremes to create our most incredible fingerstyle guitar yet. The tops are salvaged redwood. Most guitar builders cannot use redwood as it is a softer tonewood. With Breedlove's bridge truss system we can allow a thinness to the redwood tops for amazing resonance while still supporting the integrity of the tops. This allows the redwood to resonate longer allowing each note to blossom and deliver a warmth that is rich and beautiful to the ear. Pairing this with the our aged Brazilian rosewood which is the world's most efficient tonewood for reflecting the lower energy bass notes in balance with the higher energy treble tones, we have created an angel's voice.