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Breedlove Celtic Classic

Breedlove Celtic Classic

Perfection Out of the Box.

Expectations are rarely ever exceeded, let alone met. I had VERY high expectations of the Breedlove Celtic Classic acoustic guitar the very gracious folks at Breedlove sent to me to use on our upcoming work with the legendary producer, Bob Johnston. First of all, the guitar was in perfect 440 tune coming out of the box, after just spending the night on a UPS plane and truck. That’s unheard of.

The workmanship on this guitar was nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’s practically a museum piece. Then, I began fretting some jazz standards and noodling around some scales. A musician’s primary function is to SOUND GOOD. The tone coming out of the Celtic Classic is a unique combination of muscular and subtle. The neck is very forgiving and playable.

In short, the guitar vastly exceeded my expectations in beauty, tone, and versatility. Breedlove is truly breaking new ground in the building of fine acoustic instruments. This guitar is not just for strumming. It will withstand the rigors of any genre… rock, classical, folk, jazz… and give back exemplary tone. Looking forward to playing this guitar live and in the studio.

Tom Walker
Friday’s Child
Digital Café Tour