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Breedlove Craftsmen Cut Music Video with Premier FF Mandolin & Stage Concert

It may come as no surprise that many of the Breedlove craftsmen are also accomplished and talented musicians. Two of our very own, Jason Chinchen and Andrew Allen Fahlander , spend their off hours creating lively "original Oregon folkgrass" in their band Juniper and Gin. The string band recently cut a new music video, and selected Breedlove instruments to bring the new song to life. We're proud to show what our skilled craftsmen can not only build, but can use to create outstanding music.

Breedlove Premier FF Mandolin

For players looking for traditional construction with cutting edge aesthetics, the Premier FF delivers strong, punchy tone with plenty of bass; a deep throaty voice resonates from the F-holes in the Sitka spruce top. With a design that reflects the golden era of mandolin building, the Premier Series FF mandolin combines the best traditional construction elements with Breedlove's cutting edge aesthetics and attention to detail. The back and side woods are Western maple and the bigleaf maple neck is faced with an ebony fingerboard. Finished in a vintage semi-gloss sunburst, this mandolin exudes warmth and energy. This robust instrument is great for traditional bluegrass, but can certainly hold its own in any genre. With a radiused fingerboard and oversize frets, Breedlove mandolins are extremely comfortable to play. View full instrument profile.

Breedlove Stage Concert

Designed for performance, a stage-ready acoustic-electric with a distinct voice built on the original Breedlove Concert body shape.This versatile acoustic-electric Concert guitar is ready to be plugged in and played live. The electronics let you control your sound and translate the nuances of your playing to your audience, and the Breedlove semi-gloss neck allows for hours of comfortable play so you can focus on your performance. View full instrument profile.

Juniper & Gin: "There's a Road"

“Original Oregon folkgrass comes as close to describing Juniper and Gin as any genre can. Juniper and Gin deliver finely crafted songs with excellent musicianship, three part harmonies and real soul. Their sound encompasses bluegrass, folk and old country, melding them into a good ol’ pot of musical stew. Their songs touch on themes of life’s ups and downs with honesty and superb storytelling.  Juniper and Gin is one of Oregon's most exciting up-and-coming  string bands. You are guaranteed to have a foot-stompin' good time and you may even find yourself singing along to these catchy original tunes.”

The song “There’s a Road” was one of the easy ones. It popped out in a matter of minutes one day as Jason Chinchen, the inlay artist at Breedlove Stringed instruments was taking his afternoon break. Jason is also the principle songwriter for local Bend, OR Band Juniper and Gin. The song follows the thoughts of a fellow who has been put out on the street by his woman. He undoubtedly deserved it but can’t reconcile the truth that his relationship is over. Eventually he realizes that life goes on and there are many ways to learn hard lessons, but at least he has life and the opportunity to make better choices in the future.

"I love writing songs," explains Chinchen, "especially when the flow out as this one did. The creative process can be easy at times, but usually finding just the right lines can be quite a challenge, but either way the process is cathartic and enjoyable for me. I hope you like this song and can relate to the common struggles we all face. I am thankful to be able to play with such great musicians as the guys in the band and see the songs fleshed out and complete. Huge thanks to Breedlove Stringed instruments for the use of the guitar and mandolin used in this video and R.A. Beattie for the videography and editing."