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Breedlove Guitar Body Shapes Explained

At Breedlove, we’re never content to follow the industry standard. We’re always questioning what’s possible in acoustic sound design and playability. So, instead of just adopting other manufacturers’ body shapes, we made our own. We’re confident that our body shapes produce better sound and a superior playing experience, but we also know that they can be confusing.

In this video, Travis Shallow gives you an overview of the four distinct Breedlove body shapes, what he likes about them, how he uses the different shapes for different playing situations, and how they compare to standard body shapes.


Premier Concerto: https://breedlovemusic.com/instruments/acoustic-guitars/series/premier

Pursuit EX S Concert CE: https://breedlovemusic.com/instruments/acoustic-guitars/series/pursuit-exotic

Pursuit EX S Companion CE: https://breedlovemusic.com/instruments/acoustic-guitars/series/pursuit-exotic