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Breedlove Guitars’ Artist Chase Johanson – King of Something EP release

Chase Johanson’s newest EP is a modern day love letter, or his version of it. “I was heavily influenced by the sounds of Los Angeles and the West coast, I moved to LA in 2020 during the pandemic and begin writing new music after a short appearance on American Idol.” Following the success of the track ‘Old Man’ on his first album, Chase sought to take the focus of his sound in a pop direction. The result is an EP of blended acoustic tones with a modern pop feel written mostly on a Breedlove concertina that was extremely essential in the creation of the record. “I have many acoustic guitars and played three of them on the track but I slowly cased them up as weather and touring continually wore on the action and playability.” That left Chase with one guitar, the Breedlove. The three-quarter size, parlor guitar from Breedlove made traveling and transit very possible and was the workhorse behind this EP as well as featured on the album artwork. What made this instrument such a strong color in Chase’s musical palate was his ability to take it anywhere, inspiration doesn’t always strike when you’re sitting in the studio. Many of the songs on this EP were written or tracked with the Concertina on the album cover. It has a warm magical sound that allowed the capture of ideas whenever inspiration struck. The EP contains five songs, two of them folk, three of them with a modern day pop feel. It features various styles and forms of fingerpicking and acoustic playing that is heavily inspired by folk and the Appalachian Mountain region. More than love is explored in the contents of these tracks; Life and death are also covered. Track three “Hold On”, was picked up by an independent record label and pitched for sync, radio and television. “I’m hoping that the rest of the record receives the same attention.” Chase is working on a music video that will be released later this year and continues to look for new sounds following the heart in a creative direction. King of Something EP (Out 1/27) is the 4th EP released by Chase Johanson.

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