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Breedlove Guitars’ Stormy Night Finish: Nature-Inspired Elegance

“It draws its inspiration from a tempestuous night sky in Arizona, rocked by a lightning storm that only a desert can produce.”

Breedlove’s striking finishes have made plenty of waves in the acoustic guitar industry. From the fade of our Tequila Sunrise to our limited-edition Earthsong Burst, our guitar finishes give many of our acoustics the stage-ready aesthetic usually reserved for solid-body electric guitars. It’s something we’re very proud of.

Today, the tradition continues with the release of our brand-new Stormy Night finish. This elegant and alluring finish has quickly become a favorite with everyone who has experienced it first-hand. In this blog, we’ll delve into the inspiration behind the Stormy Night finish, the science behind its creation, and the range of models featuring this unique aesthetic.


The Inspiration Behind Breedlove’s Stormy Night Finish

Photo by Micah Tindell on Unsplash

The Stormy Night finish presents a mesmerizing visual contrast, expertly blending and contrasting shades of deep blue, black, and gray. Together they create an enchanting combination of shadows and reflections that add even more depth to the figured Myrtlewood they embrace.

The finish is a testament to nature’s inspiration for everything we do at Breedlove. Stormy Night, in particular, draws its inspiration from an enchanting night sky in Arizona, rocked by the kind of lightning storm only a desert can produce. Our goal was to capture the deep and electric hues of the sky as lightning lit up the world around it.

We knew Stormy Night would be stunning, but even we were surprised with how the finish enhances the guitar’s overall appeal. Like the desert scape that bore it, this Stormy Night makes everything it touches much more beautiful.

Masterful Craftsmanship: Creating the Stormy Night Finish

Though it was Breedlove Wood Management & Product Development Manager Angela Christensen who received the inspiration for the Stormy Night finish, it was our Master Finisher Jade McNair who is responsible for making it a reality. Working from a photograph supplied by Christensen, McNair had to capture nature in its most raw form and bring it back to life on an acoustic guitar. He, along with his team of incredibly skilled craftspeople, nailed it.

Employing hand-staining and meticulous hand-rubbing techniques, the team applies the finish to each instrument, creating a multi-dimensional appearance and accentuating the guitar’s natural beauty. As a result, each Stormy Night-finished guitar boasts a unique personality, making each a masterpiece of its own.

Models Featuring Breedlove’s Stormy Night Finish

Very few tonewoods take to a beautiful finish like our beloved Myrtlewood. That’s why our Made-in-Bend Oregon Myrtlewood series is the perfect canvas to display Stormy Night’s natural radiance. The tonewood’s natural transitions from light to dark and creamy visual tones enhance the depth of the finish. And the finish returns the favor by bringing out the detail and playfulness of Myrtlewood’s figure. And, of course, every Oregon Myrtlewood model sings with solid Myrtlewood’s signature warmth and detail. Check out each of the new models below:


Catching Lightning In A Bottle

The new Stormy Night finish has already made a significant impact around the company. With its nature-inspired elegance and colorful depth, this finish stands out, even against McNair’s other beautiful creations. There’s no question that the Stormy Night finish exemplifies Breedlove’s commitment to artistry, innovation, and craftsmanship. Experience the Breedlove Stormy Night finish in person, and you’ll understand.

Learn more about our nature-inspired approach to guitar finishes here.