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Breedlove Introduces Groundbreaking Tone Enhancements with the Sustainable ECO Collection

Bend, Oregon builder releases the ECO Collection, an innovative series of sustainably sourced instruments

Breedlove Guitars, based in Bend, Oregon, releases the Designed in Bend ECO Collection, redefining expectations for laminate construction instrument performance. With the introduction of EcoTonewood Technology, Breedlove raises the bar with a remarkable line of instruments that not only outperform their contemporaries, they are uniquely and completely sustainably sourced. Breedlove ECO Collection—it’s where the guitar meets the forest.

Carefully crafted with trademark Breedlove sound DNA, at the heart of the ECO Collection lay Breedlove’s earth-conscious, sonically superior EcoTonewood Technology. Eschewing contemporary wisdom, EcoTonewood transforms traditional laminate’s weakness to strength by replacing the tone-robbing soft center core with a true tonewood layer of clear-cut free, individually harvested African mahogany, integrating, for the first time, three layers of actual tonewood. Balanced and full, with an earthy, robust midrange Breedlove’s reimagined, sustainable laminate construction proves a game changer.

Comprised of three distinct series; the Discovery S, Pursuit Exotic S and all-African mahogany Rainforest S, the breadth of the ECO Collection places great sounding, sustainably sourced instruments in the hands of players of all styles and levels who refuse to compromise.

Four revolutionary body shapes, solid tops, and finishes ranging from the traditional to the exotic in concert with classic Breedlove appointments like the low-profile, pinless Delta bridge and Fishman pickup systems, thread Breedlove DNA throughout.

Simply put; two values drive Breedlove—protecting our world’s forests and maximizing acoustic guitar sound. The ECO Collection is the culmination of a three-decade drive for innovation and sustainability, propelling owner Tom Bedell’s personal travel to forests spanning 15 countries, sourcing the finest sounding tonewoods and monitoring best practices.

About Breedlove’s Sustainability Journey

Continually pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible, 2013 saw creation of the brand’s Tonewood Certification Program for Made in Bend models, and with 2020 came the Organic Collection of sustainably sourced instruments. Now, with the release of the ECO Collection’s revolutionary sounding entry-level guitars, all Breedlove instruments (across all price-points) are constructed from clear-cut free, sustainably harvested tonewoods. This is an industry first.

Breedlove – doing the right thing, never sounded better.

View the ECO Collection here.