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Breedlove Introduces the “Voice Series” at 2012 NAMM

For decades, acoustic guitarists have dreamed of the perfect acoustic tone that flows from an incredible guitar and that sounds the same on stage, amplified, as it does unplugged in an intimate setting. Now, Breedlove Guitar’s extraordinary acoustic tone has joined with L.R. Baggs’ Anthem Tru-Voice technology to create the most authentic acoustic voice ever produced.   The Voice Series Guitars fulfill the quest for a true tone the same plugged in as unplugged.

The Breedlove Voice original models are designed to enhance balance and sustain across the strings.  Breedlove guitars with a soft cutaway are built with a shorter treble side top and an extended top on the bass side which creates a balanced tone.  The original Breedlove Voice is built with graduated top thickness with the treble side slightly thicker than the bass side.  This creates even volume among all tones – lows, mids and highs.  On some guitars, strings can put up to 200 pounds of pull on the top and bridge thus, dampening the vibrations which create up to 80% of the music.  The Breedlove cantilever bridge system counters this force allowing the top to float and greatly enhance resonance.



Breedlove Guitars worked with L.R. Baggs to develop a custom Anthem Tru-Voice electronics system.  Most electric pick-ups capture the string vibrations through a piezo strip under the saddle.  When plugged in, the actual tonal uniqueness of those instruments is diminished and most acoustic/electric guitars sound similar and, in fact, sound like electric guitars.  The Anthem Tru-Voice System is custom tuned to each Breedlove Voice model.  The noise cancelling microphone rides inside the body above the bridgeplate to capture the true tone and character of the instrument.  As a result, the amazing tone and balance of a Breedlove Voice is unchanged whether it’s unplugged in an intimate setting or amplified for a crowd.  “The Tru-voice technology was the answer we were looking for in acoustic amplification,” says Breedlove product specialist Colin Besancon, “Breedlove’s trademark balance and sustained tone is apparent amplified.”

Renowned for making some of the world’s most extraordinary instruments, the Breedlove Guitar Company is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Bend, Oregon. Breedlove instruments are celebrated for their impeccable craftsmanship, magnificent tone and unique aesthetic.