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Breedlove Launches Oregon Rogue

Breedlove Launches Oregon Rogue

Spend a few days in the Northwest – among the mountains, in the high desert and along the rustic coastline in breathtaking seascapes, crystal-clear alpine air and dense, lush forests – and your imagination takes flight. At Breedlove, our passion for the outdoors and the natural world are continually influencing the way we design, build and view our instruments.

There is a special magic found only in the Northwest, and this magic inspired a series of instruments unlike any other. Breedlove merges the science of sound, flawless craftsmanship, and striking local woods to create the Oregon series of instruments that express the deepest parts of who Breedlove is as a company.

The one-of-a-kind sound Breedlove has engineered in the Oregon series is the result of 20 years of experience working with myrtlewood. Tonally, it's one of the richest, most-acclaimed heritage platform Breedlove works with.

The Oregon Concert just won MMR’s Acoustic Guitar of the Year and the Oregon Rogue is the newest model to hit the Oregon series family.  Inspired by the wild and scenic Rogue River located in southern Oregon, it is built for the musician seeking well-rounded balance with midrange fullness, depth, and clarity. The liveliness creates an alluring Breedlove crafted from locally sourced myrtlewood for the back and sides. The hardrock maple neck, and salvaged Sitka spruce top combine to deliver accentuated depth and clarity across the tonal spectrum. 

The Oregon concert Rogue is available for a limited time.  You can find the Oregon Concert Rogue at your local dealer.

Learn more about the Oregon story by watching the video below.


Learn more about the Oregon Concert Rogue