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Breedlove Limited Edition Earth Day Acoustic Guitar Models

At Breedlove, our passion for protecting and healing our environment is as important to us as the guitars we make. And to celebrate Earth Day 2023, we’re giving back to the planet with two limited-edition Concert acoustics.

Presenting the Oregon Concert Earthsong LTD and the Pursuit Exotic S Concert Earthsong CE LTD!

Crafted from 100% clear-cut-free Oregon Myrtlewood, these acoustic guitars offer immense visual appeal, tonal depth, clarity, and fullness. Finished in our custom Earthsong gloss burst, both models are rare as they are beautiful. And because every sale goes directly to planting hundreds of new trees, your music will play an essential role in the reforestation of our planet.

Guitars Planting Trees!

Planting Trees in Fire-Impacted Areas

Whether part of the Earth’s natural cycles or a result of human involvement, wildfires are devastating to the ecology and biodiversity they effect. They are also something we are extremely familiar with in Bend, Oregon. Our western high desert climate makes the destructive power of wildfires a very real part of life. And every year, forest fires are increasing in size and severity, damaging vital ecosystems and creating a need for millions of trees.

With so much fire damage, reforestation is essential to catalyze the environmental recovery process. That’s why, with the sale of every 2023 Limited Edition Earthsong acoustic guitar, we’re partnering with One Tree Planted to plant trees in areas that have been severely affected by forest fires and aren’t able to recover a healthy ecosystem on their own. We only plant native tree species that will restore the local ecosystem, re-establish wildlife habitat, and reduce the likelihood of future fires.

Planting Trees in Africa

Africa holds a very special place to all who work at Breedlove. We’ve even traveled the continent researching the beautiful and legendary tonewood species that call it home. Through those travels, we’ve also come to appreciate the vast ecology, cultures, people, and music that shape it.

Unfortunately, the world’s second-largest tropical forest in the Congo Basin is suffering from deforestation, which is 4 times the global average rate. Not only does this threaten the livelihoods of its local communities, but it also affects the planet as a whole.

Your purchase of a 2023 Limited Edition Earthsong acoustic guitar goes a long way toward protecting this treasured forest. For each guitar sold, One Tree Planted is planting trees with widespread and global impact. They will add nutrients to the soil, control erosion, and diminish pressure on remaining forests, allowing for biodiversity to flourish and ultimately helping with the global climate crisis. Best of all, reforesting creates jobs, offering local communities sustainable livelihoods, while fruit trees improve food security by helping to feed impoverished families and providing them with the option to sell the fruit.

Planting Trees in National Parks

To everyone at Breedlove, our National Parks are treasures that must be stewarded and protected at all costs. Important for what they represent, it’s important for all generations to have beautiful natural places to experience.both figuratively and literally, they are foundational to our nation and our home.

Because of this, we’re partnering with One Tree Planted to help restore National Park land damaged by events like fires, winds, and tree diseases. From mighty maples to ponderosa pines, the sale of every 2023 Limited Edition Earthsong acoustic guitar benefits the reforestation efforts of public land creating new opportunities for communities and visitors to connect with nature. Planting these trees will also support biodiversity habitat and protect culturally important indigenous lands.


Oregon Concert Earthsong LTD

The Oregon Concert Earthsong Limited Edition acoustic guitar perfectly demonstrates our company’s commitment to both exquisite acoustic guitars and protecting our natural resources. The guitar is crafted from clear-cut-free, locally sourced, native Myrtlewood, accenting its tonal depth and clarity. We then finish each instrument in a custom, limited-edition Earthsong gloss burst. Finally, celebrating Earth Day 2023, we’re partnering with global reforestation non-for-profit One Tree Planted to plant 100 new trees for every guitar sold.

As beautiful as they are unique and have a touch response that must be experienced, these Made in Bend guitars will be a favorite of both players and collectors.

Production is extremely limited. Get yours before they’re gone.

Pursuit Exotic S Concert Earthsong CE LTD

The Pursuit Exotic S Concert Earthsong CE Limited Edition is beautiful, as well as environmentally conscious. Utilizing our EcoTonewood technology and Cascade Bracing, the clear-cut-free Myrtlewood top, back, and sides deliver a warm tone with exceptional liveliness. The guitar’s delicate contours, sculpted cutaway, and comfortable neck profile create an unforgettable playing experience. And, in honor of Earth Day 2023, we appoint every guitar with our custom, limited-edition Earthsong gloss burst.

Global reforestation not-for-profit One Tree Planted will plant 50 new trees for every Pursuit Exotic S Concert Earthsong CE Limited Edition sold. We are extremely proud to partner with them in ensuring your guitar leaves a legacy for centuries to come.

Production is extremely limited. Get yours before they’re gone.