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Breedlove Receives Award in Player’s Choice Awards


It’s no secret that Acoustic Guitar readers are well-informed connoisseurs of guitars and gear. And as editors, we have an equal hankering for info on the latest guitars, amps, and accessories, and constantly scour trade shows and press releases to decide what to review and write about. But the ultimate way for us to know what players are spending their hard-earned money on—what has worked onstage or in the practice room—is to give you an opportunity to tell us about it. Back in 1998, long before Facebook and Twitter, Acoustic Guitar started the Player’s Choice Awards to illuminate what you, our guitar-loving readers, have been enamored with.

Now in its seventh round, the Player’s Choice Awards has evolved from mail-in paper ballots to simple web surveys to a new voting method based on our Gear Showcase website ( Enabling users to browse a large selection of products (including all the gear previously reviewed in Acoustic Guitar) or to enter and nominate new entries, the Gear Showcase is a powerful tool. You can comment on Gear Showcase entries, share your own experiences with particular products, and even create a personal page that reflects the gear you actually own.

This year, the Player’s Choice Awards includes 36 categories, divided into guitars, acoustic amplification, recording, accessories, and guitar instruction. As in the past, there are Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels in each category, and ties were granted if votes were within a small margin. Overall awards are for brands, with the specific model that received the most votes called out.

Atlas Stage Series C25/SRe Takes Bronze

The rapidly growing category of acoustic-electric guitars ranges from instruments that are basically electric guitars to acoustic models that include unobtrusive pickups. This is great news for guitarists, who can now choose from instruments suited for every playing situation.

In 2011 guitar plays around submitted their votes and guess who made the podium? The Breedlove Atlas Stage Series C25/SRe.