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Breedlove Sessions: Hilst & Coffey

Breedlove Sessions: Hilst & Coffey

The Lonely Grange Sessions CD release party / July 11th Father Luke's Room

The Lonely Grange Sessions, the second CD by Hilst & Coffey, was inspired by the desire to record as simply as possible and to capture the true essence of our sound. Hilst & Coffey weave a mix of genres to take the listener on a multifaceted musical journey. From driving Celtic rhythms and melodies to free flowing instrumentals, Kat Hilst's cello evokes not only the soul of her instrument, but the soul of the listener as well. With the hard rockin "It Goes" and the reggae inspired "Toys" (featuring Franchot Tone on guitar and Adam Topol on percussion), Kat shows that the cello is anything but just a classical instrument. We recorded at Keith Banning's Lonely Grange recorders in Sister's Oregon and, due to the talent and artistry of Keith himself, we were able to record essentially in a live setting, with both of us playing and singing at the same time, just a few feet apart. The CD was mixed by Franchot Tone and mastered by Terra Nova audio in Austin, TX. This effort also debut's Kat Hilst's talents as a songwriter and lyricist, having written three of the selections - she also carries the lead vocals on two of the songs. The Lonely Grange sessions is a diverse collection of songs that are a joy to listen to, over and over again!


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