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Breedlove Ukuleles are Back!

Professional Sound, Design and Playability Inspired by Kim Breedlove’s Passion

Kim Breedlove was always at his best when he was designing and handcrafting stringed instruments. From walking and exploring the koa forests of Hawaii - to his home workshop in Bend, Oregon where he experimented with nuances in ukulele body design - the ukulele was one of Kim’s true passions.
We have combined Kim’s original concert body shape with his adoration for Myrtlewood – a tonewood he discovered decades ago growing on the Oregon Pacific Coast - which results in vibrantly stunning tonal energy which delivers more sound than traditional koa ukuleles.
For 2019, Breedlove is excited to introduce four Lu’au Concert Ukuleles…each crafted with Kim’s body design and Oregon’s Myrtlewood. The first of four models is available now. Click the link below to learn more, watch the video and hear an audio sample.

Watch Video & Hear Audio Sample