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Breedlove’s Partnership with the Children’s Cancer Association

Breedlove’s Partnership with the Children’s Cancer Association

MyMusicRX, a program within the Children’s Cancer Association, is known as a “music medicine” site for kids and teens facing the battle of cancer and other serious illnesses. With their open arms this program welcomes kids to “feel” the music and gives them an opportunity to explore exclusive artist greetings, concerts, music lessons, digital instruments, and games.

Recently MyMusicRX attended Newport Folk Fest 2015. At the festival MMRX caught up with a few players. MyMusicRX meets up with the supporting artists backstage for a short “Song Prescription”. What is a Song Prescription one might ask? MyMusicRX will ask the supporting artist, “What song always makes you feel great?” The artist will respond with what songs have helped them through tough times, or their favorite artists or songs, or play one of their own songs that is close to their heart. This process is known as creating the Song Prescription and then the kids are able to access this RX online.

Blake Mills went with “West”-Lucinda Williams 

The Barr Brothers who chose “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard”-Paul Simon

Spirit Family Reunion chose “Keep on the Sunny Side”-The Carter Family

The Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) believes joy matters and music heals. Nearly two decades ago, they pioneered a one-of-a-kind pediatric “music medicine” program called MyMusicRx that lets kids choose the music experience that feels right to them. Breedlove is a proud supporter of the CCA and MyMusicRX. Breedlove is thankful for the artist support in this wonderful program.

To learn more about MyMusicRX go here.