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Catching Up With Katie Garibaldi

Catching Up With Katie Garibaldi

Have you heard of Katie Garibaldi? If not it won’t be long before you do. The up and coming folk and country singer/songwriter has been playing gigs all over the U.S. The San Francisco based musician debuted her first official music video for her song, “Lock The Door, Lose The Key” to celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of her album Follow Your Heart.

The Breedlove artist said: “I’ve kind of nicknamed ‘Lock The Door, Lose The Key’ the newlywed song because it’s basically about newlywed business. When I go through big life moments, including falling in love and getting married, those subjects infuse themselves into my creative mind and are reflected in my songwriting. I wrote a lot of songs on my album, Follow Your Heart, during the period of my life when I was engaged and newly married. ‘Lock The Door, Lose The Key’ is about that honeymoon phase my husband and I were in when we basically just wanted to lock ourselves away in a blissful nest and forget the rest of the world. It has become one of my favorite songs to perform live from the album because I have noticed how happy it makes people who are listening. It’s a really fun story and a staple song off Follow Your Heart that contributes to the record’s signature sound, so I chose this song for my first official music video to celebrate the album’s one year anniversary as a celebration of what an absolute blast this past year has been touring with these songs, and as a personal thank you to my supporters.

Be sure to check Katie out and follow her down her path of success! Check out Katie Garibaldi’s show dates here.