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Custom Instrument Profile: Brazilian Rosewood “Butterfly” Guitar

Breedlove Butterfly Guitar
Custom Instrument Profile: Brazilian Rosewood “Butterfly” Guitar

The craftsmen at Breedlove just finished this really amazing custom CM acoustic guitar. This instrument is over the top! The tonewoods alone are newsworth, but the additional custom options are what make this instrument a truly over-the-top creation. Here's a look at the build components:

Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides: Brazilian rosewood is highly desirable, exceptionally rare and heavily regulated. It is regarded as one of the finest tonewoods; hard, stiff, and highly resonant with a glass-like ring that sustains; it has a floral scent, similar to roses, thus the name. A very hard, heavy wood that produces a loud, warm, rich tone, with full deep bases, and brilliant trebles, know for it’s sustain and clarity.

Bearclaw Sitka Spruce Top: Bearclaw has a shallow, cross-grain curl that seems to increase cross-grain stiffness. Many luthiers feel that it enhances the tone and sustain of spruce. Strong, focused tone with strong fundamental — perfect for flatpicking styles. Usually takes a slightly longer period of playing time to open up.

CM Body Shape: The CM is an award-winning, asymmetrical body shape. One of Breedlove’s most well-known shapes – no other guitar looks or sounds quite like it. The sonic imprint of the CM is uniquely full spectrum and immensely gratifying; the lower bout rewards the player with a generous, defined bass while the abbreviated upper bout generates beautifully balanced and clear treble tones. The CM has been described as having piano-like qualities. Excellent for alternate tunings, the CM is an adventurous design that will appeal to players who wish to expand their sonic and visual boundaries.

Inlay: Custom butterflies.

Custom Extras: Honduran mahogany neck. Bloodwood heel cap and binding. Masterclass spoked abalone rosette. LR Baggs Anthem electronics.

View images of this instrument in the build by visiting the Custom Sound Studio.

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