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Custom Masterclass Guitar Feature: Cocobolo – Sitka Spruce Concert (MC22983)

This stunning Custom Mastreclas (MC22983) was designed by the Moore Music team, and features a magnificent cocobolo back and sides paried with a Sitka spruce top. This custom acoutic guitar was built using our Sound Optimization process for maximum sound and tone. 

About Cocobolo Tonewood

Cocobolo grows from southwestern Mexico through western Central America – one of the world’s most colorful woods. Reaching as much as 80 feet in height and three feet in diameter it is known for its dynamic grain patterns of browns, oranges and yellows.  Cocobolo is part of the same Dalbergia family as Brazilian and other rosewoods, however it is unique in its brown/orange/yellow color and is the densest of the Dalbergia woods. In fact, cocobolo has a specific gravity of 1.1 which means it sinks in water, compared with Brazilian rosewood with a specific gravity of 0.84. Likewise, the pounds per cubic feet or cocobolo is 69 compared to 52 for Brazilian rosewood. Learn more.

About Sitka Spruce

Sitka spruce is grown in the northwest, and has been the primary top wood for U.S.A. instruments for many decades. It is strong, light, and gives an extended harmonic content and nearly equals the power of Adirondack. Strong, focused tone with a solid fundamental — perfect for flatpicking styles. Usually takes a slightly longer period of playing time to open up. When compared with Eurpean spruce, Sitka delivers warmer, more fundamental sound, largely free of overtones. Not so cleanly defined as European spruce but, instead, a warmer, more fundamental, and largely free of overtones. It’s a good, solid sound and bluegrass flatpickers and folk-musicians tend to like it a lot. Straight uniform grain. Coloration ranges from white to pink to light brown. Learn more

About the Concert Body Shape

The Concert is our most popular body shape, favored by players because it is well-balanced, compact, comfortable to play, and offers all the qualities of a great sounding guitar. It generates a wonderfully articulate range of tone with an ample low end that is never boomy, but always felt. The Concert works well when played fingerstyle, as vocal accompaniment, or at a full strum. Watch Video.

The Masterclass Custom Build-to-Order Program

Like visiting a tailor, selecting the cloth and cut, the suit crafted to you – Breedlove is offering the CUSTOM MASTERCLASS BUILD-TO-ORDER PROGRAM. You select the body style, tonewoods and aesthetics – designing a Masterclass which is distinctly you. The palate of woods are yours to choose – each will be Sound Optimized and Hand Voiced to give you superior sound, balanced tone, and an instrument you will cherish for a lifetime. Handcrafted by our finest Master Craftsmen, your Breedlove Masterclass will be a one-of-a-kind guitar – Your Breedlove! Learn more about this program.