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Franchot Tone’s New Video is on Fire!

Franchot Tone’s New Video is on Fire!

It takes a certain, quiet strength to work in the shadows, and an entirely different kind of fortitude to step into the light. Franchot Tone is blessed with all of the above. The Oregon-based singer/songwriter/producer isn't a household name, thanks to his decidedly behind-the-scenes work on some of the coolest musical projects to emerge from the West Coast in recent years. But his sound is unmistakable: take a pitch-perfect pinch of vintage reggae and dub, a sun-fried splash of laid-back SoCal pop-rock, and a heaping helping of Meters-style funk and soul, and you've got Tone's brew. It's a flavor he's added to a bunch of projects that didn't bear his name, choosing creativity and fulfillment over fame. Over the past several months, however, a solo path has revealed itself, illuminated at every turn by someone else. Now, Tone is stepping up to the front of the stage for the first time. It's a new role, but one he's tackling with confidence and a sense that it's one he's meant to play. More than ever, we live in a world where artists will do anything to find themselves in the spotlight... Read More

The video for "Everything's Fine" was shot in Southern California and Bend, OR. "In SoCal we shot in Topanga, Joshua tree and Malibu. For the bend shots we wanted to capture some of the cool spots like tumalo falls and smith rock. The director, sky Pinnick, came up with the viewfinder concept. All the cameos were a function of me wanting to acknowledge the many people involved in supporting my album and career. There has been a tremendous response to the video on YouTube. In it's first week it has garnered 400,000 views." - Franchot Tone