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Grill’n with The Makepeace Brothers

Grill’n with The Makepeace Brothers

Known for their timeless and infectious harmonies and breezy, “front-porch riffs” which inspire fans to sing and dance, the Makepeace Brothers thrill crowds worldwide.  On Thurday evening, while on a west coast tour, the dropped by the Breedlove Factory to play a priovate show and grill up some food!

Since completing their international tour, “Music Magic Makepeace” with Atlantic Records recording artist Jason Mraz, the Makepeace Brothers continue to play to enthusiastic audiences around the US, Canada, and the UK.

Currently two of the brothers, Finian and Ciaran Makepeace, tour with long-time friend and bassist Conor Gaffney. They are occasionally accompanied by brothers Aidan and Liam Makepeace.
The 2010/11 released Slow Down Feel Love

The 2010/11 released "Slow Down Feel Love"

Their extensive catalog of upbeat songs including “Things Gonna Wait” and “I Can Always Do It” get fans up and dancing while songs “Hero” and “Lovely” serve as anthems to their message of love, one world, peace, and consciousness.

Home grown in the vibrant music community of Ithaca, NY, the Makepeace Brothers were surrounded by a constant soundtrack of Dylan, Marley, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, as well as diverse acts from around the world that they watched perform at music festivals each year. Combining elements of bluegrass, country, Jazz, Brazilian, African, and Celtic, their music is as worldly and positive as their message.

Singing and playing music together for most of their lives, the brothers first began writing their own songs during a year-long motorhome tour of the US in the early 90’s. This trip gave them direct contact with a wide range of American Roots music and the musicians who play it – from bluegrass in North Carolina to Jazz in New Orleans. Their musical and cultural horizons were broadened further by exposure to African, Latin, and Celtic music at summer festivals, and as exchange students in Costa Rica, Brazil and England.

While roots and world music influences their sound, the Makepeace Brothers’ songwriting has been equally inspired by the poetry of Bob Dylan; the political consciousness of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Marley, the array of musical possibilities put forth by U2, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, and by many hometown musicians and friends including Hank Roberts, Richie Stearns, Donna the Buffalo, and The Horseflies.

The four brothers, Aidan, Liam, Finian, and Ciaran (ordered oldest to youngest) often collaborate on songwriting – using their different perspectives to bring a song to life. Each of the four has a distinct songwriting style, adding variation to the brothers’ collection of original songs. View song catalog and lyrics >>

Prior to performing under their surname, the Makepeace Brothers founded the “world rock” band Oculus. As Oculus they produced four albums, and toured extensively in the eastern USA, as well as in England, Ireland, and Brazil.