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Guitar Breakdown: A comparison of a variety of Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove Guitars offers many different styles of acoustic guitars, for a wide variety of players. If you’re looking for a beginner model, or a more advanced model, or different tonewoods, Breedlove has an acoustic guitar for your preferences. We’ve selected a handful of our guitars and offered a breakdown of their specs, and sound profiles, just for you.

Legacy Series

This custom acoustic guitar series pays close attention to the detail of sound. Using sound engineering to measure the density of tonewoods, ensures that our acoustic guitars have excellent tonal balance. Each tonewood set is tested, sanded, and tested again until it gives the right frequency reading. Made with Honduran mahogany and maple in the neckwood, this guitar offers ease of playability. View models.

Oregon Myrtlewood Series

When we wanted to create an acoustic guitar that had some of the best-balanced sound on the market, we turned to myrtlewood. This guitar features maple neckwood, an ebony fretboard and more myrtlewood in the tops. Made in Bend with the great color and texture that myrtlewood provides, the sound in this guitar is rich. It’s one of our best-selling and best sounding guitars. View models.

Stage Exotic Series

Our Stage Exotic is a great stage-ready guitar, crafted in China, but designed, engineered and quality controlled here in Bend, Oregon. This guitar comes with LR Baggs State Pro workshop electronics, perfect for plugging in and playing all day long. This model features mahogany and rosewood exotic tonewoods, in both the neckwood and fretboard. It comes in at 25.5 inches long. As far as sound is concerned this instrument offers a richness in tone that players love. Featuring cocobolo, ziricote and myrtlewood models, the Stage Exotic Guitar Series features beautiful exotic tonewoods and excellent sound clarity. View models.

Discovery Series

This is a great guitar for beginners, offering a thinner neck profile, for fingers that are acclimating. Made with mahogany neckwood, and an Indonesian rosewood fretboard, this guitar is easy to play. It even offers a pinless bridge for easier string changes. View models.

Take Away

We offer many different styles of instruments here at Breedlove Guitars. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may want to go with different tonewoods, shapes, or styles. We always recommend, picking one up and playing it. The beauty of a guitar can be distracting, but if you’re looking for the perfect sound, use your ear. Remember sound and tone are subjective, and you should find a guitar that’s perfect for you.