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Guitar Tonewood Test and Demo with Sean Daniel

In this short video shot at Sweetwater’s Gearfest, Sean Daniel and Brian Lee White demo and compare guitar tonewoods.

To learn more about the tone test guitars, check out this great article Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods — Do They Matter?

Tonewoods absolutely matter when it comes to acoustic guitars, right? But how much difference does the wood actually make? If you’ve tried out different guitars made from different woods by different vendors, then are you only hearing the woods? Or are you hearing the shape? The body size? The bracing? Or maybe other differences in the design and construction?

Could you ever tell the difference between guitars from the sound of their tonewoods alone? That question has puzzled us, too — for years. Sweetwater reached out to Breedlove Guitars to try and answer these questions by doing something that’s never been done before.

“What if we made the same guitar out of different woods? How much difference would we hear?”

The premise seemed simple enough: same guitar, same dimensions, same maker, same everything. The difference? Only the wood in the backs and sides would change from guitar to guitar. Simple — but no one has ever committed the time, expertise, and resources required to do this. Until now. Continue reading