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Harmony Central Breedlove Crossover Mandolin Review

Harmony Central Breedlove Crossover Mandolin Review

A review on the Breedlove Crossover Mandolin has been posted on Harmony Central and let’s just say, we are more than happy to share it. Harmony Central is a great tool for any musician. The website harbors professional and user reviews of instruments and related gear, articles about artists and instruments as well as classified ads for a player looking to purchase.

Breedlove has gotten a lot of feedback from various dealers, retailers, and artists on the Crossover Mandolin and we have yet to disappoint! Breedlove takes great pride in the Crossover series, which is designed to interest guitarists who are looking for a mandolin in hopes of a sweet transition. This line of mandolins have been updated with some great new features for 2015.

To read the full review head over to Harmony Central!