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Imagine Ed Gerhard

Imagine Ed Gerhard

In a recent post from Acoustic Guitar, Ed Gerhard was featured in a guitar session. 

Ed Gerhard is known as a fingerstyling and lap steel master who has developed a big following for the last 4 decades all over the world. His solo instrumental performances and CDs have been known to captivate his audiences. Gerhard describes his adaptations and evolution of his music as a result from small and various epiphanies, which he describes as different things and the way they speak to you. Poetry has been a way were his mind is free and Zen.

Ed Gerhard played Imagine, a soft and gentle acoustic John Lennon cover on his Breedlove Revival Series Dreadnought. Ed was interested in the Breedlove Revival Dread for the studio, but he was not expecting to love it as much as he does now. He explains that it has great range, sustainability and can get any kind of tone he wants out of it. He was united with this guitar in 2009 and it has been his main guitar ever since. He also has redesigned his Breedlove Signature Model Dreadnought. Ed’s music channels his personality. With his inimitable technique and inspiring compositions and sense of humor, Gerhard has been crafting his own unique sound for decades.

He then takes out a custom Myrtle-wood Weissenborn Hawaiian lap steel Breedlove, which typically are made out of Koa wood. When Gerhard is playing the Myrtlewood he can get a rounded and much better tone out of the Weissenborn. He then starts to play the lap steel that we love for a soft yet projected version of “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”.

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