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Jamie Struthers Music Video

Jamie Struthers Music Video

( Production still with Struthers, set of "Imprint" Music Video)

MIke Struthers recently filmed a new music video from the new E.P "Slow Hope," with musician Jamie Struthers. Of the production Struther's commented, "(The Music Video) was great fun to shoot. I used a Panasonic AVC151 HD camera and did the rest in post production using After Effects."

About Jamie Struthers:

Jamie plays a Breedlove Solo C350. Taking up vocals at age 21, he listened extinsevly to artists like Stevie Wonder, Otis Reading, Jeff Buckley and Aerosmith albums. Original songs followed with the band "Only Guilty Man", an Alternative heavier sound that follows his other musical tastes. His acoustic songs are generally in the same vein as those he listes to when it's time to "chill."


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