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John Tracy Releases new Album

This month, Charlottesville, Virginia-based singer-songwriter John Tracy celebrates the release of his fourth CD, I’ve Got to Find Myself. The project of twelve original songs is in keeping with John’s mission to bring real music to people living real life. “This album really marks the journey of finding myself – as an artist, learning to hone my skills on guitar, as a vocalist and lyricist.” Tracy says. “It is also the journey of finding myself through my relationships, learning to fill them with quality, making sure those I love know how much they mean to me.” Spending hours since the age of 16 perfecting his skill on the acoustic guitar, and pouring his expertise as a lyricist into each word, Tracy has crafted songs that have a resounding impact. His desire is that these songs help others find the true treasures in life. “John Tracy‘s genius of delivering lyrical melodies of all things that we experience as humans may only be surpassed by his mastery of the guitar,” says Jeff Curtis, executive director of The Orange Downtown Alliance. , noting how he “immediately embraces you with his admission of affection and truth best experienced through his singing.” Through his music, Tracy seeks to bring hope and encouragement to others. “I want to leave people with something when they hear my music – whether I am able to inspire them, to connect with something in their lives, or to move them,” he says. With his introspective and resonating lyrics, he prompts listeners to focus on the people and relationships that are most important to them – building a positive and lasting legacy. “There’s more at stake from the ripples we make in this sea of humanity than simply passing through,” Tracy asserts, noting that, through his music, he wants to urge people to make their ripples count.

The CD release is now available at, and for download on iTunes or