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Justin Cross Announces New Album

Justin Cross Announces New Album

Justin Cross is a Breedlove musician who has a unique style and really tells a story with his music. You may recognize his song "It's Ok" which has been played nationally on radio stations, which is recorded with a Breedlove Passport C250.

Cross has passion for music and bringing people together with it. Breedlove recently caught up with the artist to see what is up and coming with him and his new EP "Passion With Purpose".

Breedlove: What compelled you to start playing? 
Justin Cross: I had nothing left but my life long dream to play music.

Breedlove: What do you love most about your Breedlove Guitar? 
Justin Cross: The flexibility of tone & how it plays like an electric guitar but has the warmth of the acoustic

Breedlove: What do you want to accomplish most with your music and how people perceive it? 
Justin Cross: I want to rebuild my personal connection to society/social community and create a family through music. Also create music that makes your freaking day, or simply makes you dance or smile. My music should be perceived in the most organic way as we come into this world. Naked and honest.

Breedlove: What was the inspiration for the new album? 
Justin Cross: Discovering that life is all about pursuing your passion. Living each day like it's your last. See, If you die tomorrow, are you doing what you really love? Capturing some of the elements that consist of the struggle of doing so. Those feelings, and overcoming anything in the way of achieving and living your personal passion, is what inspired the three songs.

Breedlove: What does 2016 have in store for you? 
Justin Cross: Tour. Release first official full length. Build an epic live set that leaves fans amped on life.

Make sure you watch for his new album to drop!

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