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Luke Wade Visits The Breedlove Factory

Luke Wade Visits The Breedlove Factory

Last week the Breedlove Stringed Instruments factory had a special visitor, Luke Wade. Have you heard of the die-hard Breedlove artist? Most recognize the name from the hit show The Voice. Luke debuted his talented voice on Season 7th in 2014, and made it through the Quarter Finals. After Luke’s run on the Voice he released “The River” in spring 2015 and has been non-stop touring and taking over Instagram accounts ever since.

At Wade’s most recent tour stop (Sisters Folk Fest in Sisters, OR), he wanted to take a trip over to Bend to see where his Breedlove was made. While on his factory tour, an outdoor stage was in the process of setup. Once he saw how his favorite guitars are made. He also visited The Vault, a special showroom at Breedlove featuring high end and rare instruments. Upon entrance, Luke looked as if he were a kid in a candy store. Some of the most beautiful Breedloves live in The Vault and he got to look, touch, and play them. Once he finished in The Vault and one new guitar later he walked out the front doors. Outside, the Breedlove Family all sat outside eating lunch eagerly waiting for Luke to step on stage.

The special thing about Luke is that it doesn’t matter if he is performing in front of 40 people or a million; he will still sing his heart out because he truly has a passion for music. With his soulful lyrics and powerful vocals he really knows how to get a crowd moving! Breedlove is proud to have an such a humble and talented artist in the family! In this short video, Luke performs on the Oregon Series.