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MMR Announces Breedlove’s 25 Years of Acoustics

MMR Announces Breedlove’s 25 Years of Acoustics

Kim Breedlove not only has a unique eye for instruments, but also created a world-class quality guitar brand. In 1990 Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson envisioned creating and building innovative stringed instruments which they could not have possibly imagined celebrating 25 years in the making. In fact, Larry and Steve were not the biggest part of the brands growth. The credit belongs to Mr. Kim Breedlove himself and his creative mind, willingness to design guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins with a fresh approach.

Tom Bedell, who purchased Breedlove in 2010, launched his Bedell Guitar company in 2009. Bedell explains: “Not having my own workshop, I designed my guitars and had them made in Asia. I was actively looking for a USA workshop where I could fulfill my dream of being apart of the guitar design and craftsmanship right here in America. So when the Breedlove workshop in Bend, Oregon became available, I jumped on the opportunity. Over the five years that I have been able to lead the Bend company we have acquired Weber Mandolins, established a unique workshop team for Bedell Guitars, and significantly expanded Breedlove’s workshop capability. We now complete an average of 100 extraordinary instruments a week.”

2015 is Breedlove’s 25th Anniversary. With 25 years of evolution, one vision has been the main focus and will remain- Breedlove will always cultivate distinctively crafted sound. “We aspire to build instruments customized for each player, their playing style, and the sound they long for. Creating instruments that deliver your sound is how we truly accomplish distinctively crafted sound,” explains Bedell.

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