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Music Inc Magazine Awards Breedlove Supplier Excellence Award

Music Inc Magazine Awards Breedlove Supplier Excellence Award
By David Ball | DECEMBER 2014 I MUSIC INC. I Pg. 65


Approaching its 25th anniversary in 2015, Breedlove is experiencing record-high demand by staying true to its roots, continuing to deliver quality products across all price points and supplying retailers with an attractive margin. Throughout its 25 years, Breedlove’s history of innovation has continued to set it apart in the marketplace. “Whether it’s the bridge truss, asymmetrical headstock, pinless bridge or our distinctive body shapes, Breedlove has never settled for the status quo,” said Rick Froio, sales manager at Breedlove. “While we respect tradition, we simply choose not to make instruments of yesterday.” Delivering quality products across all price points allows retailers a wide selection of Breedlove instruments to showcase. “All our instruments are made or quality checked in our Bend, Oregon, facility, so our fans always know they will get the quality they expect from Breedlove at every price point.”

Building Strong Bonds

But it’s not just Breedlove’s products that have made it a widely sought-after brand; maintaining relationships with dealers has been a cornerstone to the company’s success. “We are very aware that this high demand would not be met without the great partners we have in retail stores across the country,” Froio said. “When the correct product mix and value equation is delivered in each outlet, the manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer all win. Getting that right is the secret to success. We see each of our retail partners as bringing their own strengths to the relationship, and we leverage their strengths with the correct set of products for their customers.” And, as voting retailers pointed out, Breedlove’s instruments consistently return a decent margin. “We aren’t the biggest manufacturer, so we have to work even harder to deliver the right value to both our retail partners and our fans,” Froio said.

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