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Musical instrument industry leader Randy Wilhelm named business development specialist at Breedlove

Longtime musician and salesman will put the right guitar within your reach 

Breedlove is thrilled to announce that Nashville guitar maven Randy Wilhelm is pulling up Music City stakes early in the new year to join us full time in Oregon as our newly appointed business development specialist.

Randy’s a lifetime player, who writes original songs, works in a variety of show bands and cut his teeth in the high speed, high stakes early ‘80s Los Angeles metal scene. 

Wilhelm will handle inside sales with a focus on consultative marketing and building relationships with new accounts for Breedlove Guitars. What that means for you is that he’ll use his extensive knowledge, born from a highly respected tenure in the music business, to educate and inform dealers about the best instruments to suit your personal styles and tastes. Now that he’ll be in Bend, if a distributor or shop has a specific question about a model, he’ll pull one off the wall and give them the straight skinny while it’s still in his hands.

“We speak the same language,” Wilhelm says of his kinship with retailers, many of whom share his experience. “A high percentage of music store owners and buyers are players. too. They gig, as I do, in weekend cover acts or wedding combos, and we connect in that aspect. On the technical side, if they’re looking for a specific type of guitar, I can understand what they’re seeking, whether it’s for a hot picker or simply someone who strums, a bluegrass phenom or a dedicated rock and roller. Knowing that vocabulary, from being a player myself, is a big help on both sides.”

“It’s a unique time in the guitar world,” says Breedlove’s Sales Director Jerry Lambert, “and Randy is the right man to put instruments in the hands of all who want to play.”