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Musician Brandy Robinson Talks about her She Rocks Awards Experience

When Save A Guitar,  Breedlove Guitars, and She Rocks Awards decided to team up, we had no idea how incredible the talent would be.  Brandy Robinson blew us away with her style, entrepreneurial spirit, and incredible songwriting talent.  She rocked as the Opening Act for the She Rocks Awards and sat down with us to tell us a bit more about herself and what the experience was like.

Breedlove: What inspired you to pick up the guitar?

Brandy Robinson: My mother was a musician and played the guitar when she was in her twenties.  She was the one that pushed me into music, and I will be forever grateful! When I was young, she put me into plays, church choir, school choir and then taught me a few chords on the guitar at the age of 12. I loved it and took that and ran with it. I had a big chord book and really just learned chords that sounded beautiful and started writing my own lyrics over them. I started sneaking into open mics when I was 17 and from there took off and started touring on my own at the age of 22. I'm 37 now and have had so many amazing moments in my music career! I have my mom to thank for it all! 

Breedlove: Do you remember the first song you learned to play?

Robinson: It was the bass line for Rage Against The Machine "Take The Power Back!" Then I wrote my own song which I can't remember the exact name, but I DO remember it had something to do with Rain! Hahaha!

Breedlove: Why do you think it is so important for girls, and women, to pick up the guitar and play?

Robinson: It definitely saved my life. The guitar has so many meanings for me! I think it can pick you up from a bad day. It can inspire you to be creative. It can make you feel...I mean really feel love. You have to have a devotion to it, and it gives you something so beautiful back. I don't know where I would be if I didn't play guitar or never learned to put my blood, sweat and tears into it! 

Breedlove: What inspired you to create your own studio?

Robinson: I don't have it all setup, but I'm crafting it piece by piece! Hopefully, within the next two years, I will be able to start recording artists that I am interested in getting out there as well as my own music! More of that to come! GuitarMama Records will def be a name in the next five years! For now, I am also a Radio DJ for KVMR in Nevada City, CA! 

Breedlove: What was it like playing at the She Rocks Awards?

Robinson: I didn't know what to expect when I had won the "Save a Guitar Contest." All I knew was that this was the first time I was attending NAMM and the first time I had been chosen to open such a high profile event! The She Rocks Awards was such a magical night for me! I have admired Shirley Manson and Esperanza Spalding for years! As a woman in music, I have crafted my career on my own terms. When someone like Laura from Woman's International Music Network and Sami from Breedlove Guitars comes knocking on your door you know you are making music that is being heard! So the She Rocks was just such great validation for me at this stage in my career! 

Breedlove: What’s on the horizon for 2017?

Robinson: I have a new EP out called, Midnight Mockingbird. It was a project I did with David Davis, a music producer/engineer, in Hollywood, CA. It is a four song EP that I'm proud of. This year for me is about recording more tunes and getting to as many cities as I can! I hope that people and companies like you keep promoting independent artists and help get the music out there! 
Breedlove: Any additional words of inspiration?

Robinson: Never give up! I always remind myself that life is a journey, not a sprint. I think if I hadn't gone through all I've gone through I wouldn't be able to write and inspire with words! Life isn't about a number but about what we do with it! I have so much I want to give with my music, and so much I want to say! I think music helps me say what I want to say but my friends and family are my true rock! If it wasn't for them what would it all be for! Stay true to yourself and pick up that guitar! Rock and Roll is for any age! 

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