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My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket

In a recent interview in Premier Guitar, My Morning Jacket (vocalist Jim James, co-guitarist Carl Broemel, bassist Tom Blankenship, drummer Patrick Hallahan, and keyboardist Bo Koster) tell the tale of the band, their album Waterfalls, inspiration, and how being from Kentucky is pretty awesome. My Morning Jacket makes some pretty psychedelic music that makes it easy to channel your inner 1960’s rocker. James describes their genre of music as “nothing other than someone who likes music and wants to play it without definitions or boundaries.”

Front man, guitarist, producer, and primary songwriter, Jim James, spills his love for music and his guitars, one special guitar being a custom made Breedlove. Out of James’ collection of guitars he is loving his custom 2008 Revival 000. “That’s my main acoustic touring guitar,” James says. Jim’s true passion is music and playing, but when Jim is feeling tired of it, he states that “Carl comes in with, like, some new weird reverb tank. He’s really good at bringing my guitar playing back to life.”

Jim James and the MMJ crew are an awesome part of the Breedlove family. We look forward to more amazing psychedelic music to come!

To read the full interview go here.