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Navigating The Breedlove Acoustic Guitars Lineup

We make a lot of guitars, and we mean a lot of guitars! It’s important to us that there is always a Breedlove that is perfect for every style of guitarist, at every price point, and with the features and materials they love. That means countless tonewood combinations, four different body shapes, various construction methods, and the list continues.

Seeing everything we offer can get confusing. So today, we want to break down all of our standard production collections, series, and models to help you better understand where you’ll find the guitar of your dreams.

The Made In Bend Guitars

Though the name might be pretty straightforward, it means so many things to us and the instruments we make here at our home factory in Bend, Oregon. You can break these guitars into three main series; Oregon, Premier, and Legacy. Every one is handmade by our finest craftspeople with direct access to the techniques, data, and materials that make our instruments what they are.

  • Made in Bend, Oregon
  • Sound Optimized
  • All solid tonewoods
  • LR Baggs electronics

The Oregon Series

The Breedlove Oregon Series is our flagship line and gets its name from the stunning Myrtlewood used in its construction. Myrtlewood is a unique tonewood local to us, growing along the wind-swept Oregon coast. It is beautiful and boasts a tone that blends the best of mahogany, rosewood, and maple. While other builders might underappreciate the tonewood, its sonic and aesthetic allure instantly captivate all who give one of our Oregon Series a strum.

*Note: Oregon Series guitars are available with Myrtlewood or Sitka spruce tops.

  • Our flagship series of acoustic guitars
  • Beautiful Myrtlewood backs and sides
  • Available with Myrtlewood or Sitka spruce soundboards
  • Blends the best of mahogany, rosewood, and maple
  • LR Baggs EAS VTC electronics

The Legacy Series

In many ways, the Legacy Series put Breedlove on the map. Blending exotic tonewoods with innovative construction appointments, these acoustics are as breathtaking to behold as they are to hear. They are for players who want ultimate beauty, playability, and our trademark Breedlove clarity of tone.

  • Exotic tonewoods
  • Innovative design and construction
  • LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic electronics

The Premier Series

Suppose your taste in an acoustic guitar is more classic, vintage, and traditional. In that case, you want one of our Premier Series instruments. They combine the same attention to detail, quality, and feel of our other Made in Bend models with tried-and-true tonewood combinations. Whether you prefer spruce (Sitka, Adirondack, or European), red cedar, or a redwood top, you can have it atop a beautiful rosewood (East Indian or Brazilian) back and sides.

  • Inspired by classic acoustic guitar design
  • Crafted with all-solid, traditional tonewood combinations
  • Models available in East Indian and Brazilian rosewood back and sides
  • Available with spruce (Sitka, Adirondack, or European), red cedar, and redwood tops
  • LR Baggs EAS VTC electronics (LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic on Brazilian models)

The Designed In Bend Guitars

Our Designed in Bend acoustic guitars are the epitome of affordable luxury and quality. Though crafted overseas, we take countless steps to ensure each instrument maintains Breedlove’s commitment to craftsmanship, tone, and playability. In fact, many of their design elements – Cascade bracing, tonewood dimensions, and sustainably sourced materials – come from all we’ve learned building our USA pieces.

You can break them down into two collections and seven series.

  • Organic Pro Collection
    • Artista Pro Series
    • Performer Pro Series
    • Solo Pro Series
    • Wildwood Pro Series
  • ECO Collection
    • Rainforest S Series
    • Pursuit Exotic S Series
    • Discovery S Series

Organic Pro

The Organic Pro Collection consists of four series of professional-grade acoustic guitars, all crafted with solid, sustainably sourced, clear-cut-free tonewoods. Each series offers a compromise-free playing experience with beautiful tonewoods and Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics. They give you a premium quality instrument at an approachable price.

  • All solid tonewood construction
  • Affordably priced
  • Multiple tonewood options
  • Fishman electronics

Artista Pro Series

Like our Oregon Series acoustics, the Organic Pro Artista Series showcases solid Myrtlewood’s stunning hues and complex tone paired with European spruce. Not only do Artista Pro guitars deliver articulate and detailed tones to match the beauty of the tonewood’s highly varied figure, but they’re a fantastic way to experience the Oregon-native tonewood for yourself without breaking the bank.

  • Available in Concerto, Concert and Concertina body shapes
  • Myrtlewood back and sides
  • European spruce top
  • Maple neck
  • Ovangkol fretboard
  • Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics

Performer Pro Series

If the Artista Pro Series is like the Made in Bend Oregon Series, the Performer Pros embrace the tradition and familiarity of our Premier Series acoustics. The Performer Pro guitars feature the tried-and-true tonewood combinations of European spruce with your choice of African mahogany or rosewood. Of course, these tonewoods are solid, sustainably sourced, and clear-cut-free.

  • Perfect for players who appreciate traditional acoustic tone
  • Available in Concerto, Concert, Concert Thinline and Concertina body shapes
  • African mahogany or rosewood back and sides
  • European spruce top
  • African mahogany neck
  • Ovangkol fretboard
  • Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics

Solo Pro Series

The Breedlove Solo Pro series is all about the playing experience. Pairing a solid red cedar soundboard with solid African mahogany back and sides, you can expect a mellow, balanced tone with incredible nuance. Best of all, the Solo Pro Series – including nylon string guitars, acoustic basses, and 12-string models – features our side monitor soundhole that opens the guitars’ voice and directs it right to your ears. Whether playing solo fingerstyle or plugged in onstage, you’ll hear your performance better than ever.

  • Designed for the ultimate playing experience
  • Available in a Concert 6-string, nylon and 12-string guitar, as well as a Concerto acoustic bass
  • Side monitor soundhole
  • Solid red cedar top
  • African mahogany back and sides
  • African mahogany neck
  • Ovangkol fretboard
  • Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics

Wildwood Pro Series

We direct fans of an all-mahogany guitar’s warm, folk-style tones to our Organic Pro Wildwood Series. Wildwood Pro guitars boast solid tonewood construction and Fishman electronics like the other Organic Pro instruments. They are available in all four of our body shapes. But it’s these guitars’ all-solid mahogany soundboards that set them apart. Perfect accompaniment for singer-songwriters or gritty enough for slide blues, these acoustic guitars are a must-have in any collection.

  • Warm, midrange-focused tones
  • Available in all four body shapes
  • Solid African mahogany top
  • Solid African mahogany back and sides
  • African mahogany neck
  • Ovangkol fretboard
  • Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics

ECO Collection

If you’ve heard about our proprietary EcoTonewood construction, you’re familiar with the Breedlove ECO Collection. From the most exotic to the most straightforward designs, these three series define premium affordability. They do it with solid tops, Fishman electronics, and EcoTonewood backs and sides. Finally, each model features Cascade Bracing, giving them the benefits of our Sound Optimization process found in our Made in Bend guitars.

While many acoustic guitar builders rely on laminate back and side construction that sandwiches a softer, inexpensive wood between two veneers, our layering process offers exotic, great-sounding materials throughout. Whether the Pursuit Exotic’s Myrtlewood or the Rainforest’s mahogany, each utilizes a genuine African mahogany core wood to bring out the best in each guitar.

Rainforest S Series

If you love the warm tones of mahogany and like your guitar to make a statement, you need to get your hands on a Rainforest S Series acoustic guitar. These instruments’ solid African mahogany tops rest on a bed of African mahogany EcoTonewood backs and sides. We then finish them with some of our most expressive colors inspired by the magnificent, mysterious Congo River Basin.

  • Beautiful all-mahogany instruments inspired by the Congo River Basin
  • Alluring, exotic finishes
  • Solid African mahogany tops
  • EcoTonewood mahogany backs and sides
  • African mahogany neck
  • Ovangkol fretboard
  • Fishman Presys I electronics

Pursuit Exotic S Series

The Pursuit Exotic S Series is ideal for those wanting an affordable acoustic-electric guitar – also available in nylon and 12-string guitars and basses – with all the sonic and visual charm of exotic tonewoods like Myrtlewood, koa, and red cedar. Gorgeous and eco-friendly, these instruments are the perfect blend of Breedlove artistry and affordable reliability.

  • Acoustic-electric guitars with exotic tonewoods and finishes
  • Available in all four body shapes, nylon and 12-string guitars, and acoustic basses
  • All-solid Myrtlewood, koa, or red cedar tops
  • EcoTonewood Myrtlewood or koa back and sides
  • African mahogany neck
  • Ovangkol fretboard
  • Fishman Presys I electronics

Discovery S Series

The Discovery S Series instruments are your perfect first acoustic guitar. With a wide array of tonewood options, EcoTonewood African mahogany backs and sides, Cascade Bracing, and optional electronics, it is also our most versatile series. This series showcases so much of the innovation, quality, and detail we pursue daily. So whether you are just getting started, need a reliable stage guitar, or fall in love with their voice and playability, the Discovery S Series is well worth your consideration.

  • Perfect for beginners, professionals, and everyone else
  • Available in all four body shapes
  • Wide range of solid top tonewoods available
  • EcoTonewood African mahogany backs and sides
  • African mahogany neck
  • Ovangkol fretboard
  • Optional Fishman Presys I electronics