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November Featured Artist | Devon Allman

November Featured Artist | Devon Allman

Most people will recognize the last name Allman but Devon is making a name for himself and developing his own sound.  Devon Allman is a blues player traveling the world as a solo artist and as a member of the Royal Southern Brotherhood.  His solo album “Ragged and Dirty” has been climbing the blues charts.

The tour schedules for the band and Devon’s solo career have him traveling almost nonstop.  Through the end of the year alone he’ll hit the Midwest and all up and down the eastern seaboard, visiting many locations twice.  The tour to support “Ragged and Dirty” kicked off on November 6 in Sioux City, IA and ends in Sebastian Beach, FL on November 23.  He’ll then pick up in Sioux City again with The RSB December 11th and end that tour on December 20th in Fort Lauderdale.

Breedlove: It’s been a busy year for you with two album releases this year – one with your band The Royal Southern Brotherhood and a solo album “Ragged and Dirty.” How do you keep your schedule straight?  

Devon Allman: I just love making music for people.  I let my manager and agent worry about the schedule.  It’s just too chaotic at this point to try and keep it straight myself.  We tour 25 countries all year long now.  Quite a blur. 

BL: Your solo album debuted #4 of the Billboard Blues chart this year.  That had to be a pretty exciting moment in your household.  How did you celebrate?  

DA: No time for celebration, always on the go!  But there were many high fives via text. 

BL: Is there one song in particular that you’re most proud of?

DA: “Midnight Lake Michigan” – the instrumental.  It’s the one take exploration, nine and a half minutes of getting lost in a dripping dark vortex. 

BL: How is the writing process different between your solo album and writing with the band?  Do you all write together?  

DA: Writing is born out of jams, soundchecks and email exchanges.  There’s many ways in which I write with and without the band. 

BL:  The Royal Southern Brotherhood was created by you, Cyril Neville and Mike Zito in New Orleans in 2010.  You have been out promoting your sophomore album “heartsoulblood” which was released in June of this year and was produced at Dockside Studio by Jim Gaines.  RSB won a Blues Music Award for Best Live DVD (hopefully we’ll see you again on the nomination ballot later this year) – where was that DVD shot?

DA: Bonn, Germany on a full moon night in a sold out room of beer soaked freaks.  And I mean that in a very good way. 

BL: You are headed back into the studio early 2015 to record a new album – any idea what we can expect from that one?

DA: A veritable slice of aural nectar.

BL: The story with how you encountered Breedlove is kind of a unique one – do you mind sharing?

DL:  I was staying at a boutique hotel in Bend, Oregon.  They had a guitar loaner program for their musician guests.  The bellman delivered one to my door.  I just thought it was the coolest concept.  It was a very beautiful Northwest Classic.  One stroke of the strings and I knew it was one of the finest instruments I had ever played.  I reached out to Breedlove and now…here I am. 

BL: How as this guitar inspired your songwriting?  

DL: Every guitar has it’s own personality, soul & voice.  This one definitely screams to be written on.  It’s my go to songwriting guitar at home.

BL: You’re heading out on tour to promote Ragged & Dirty and then out again with The Royal Southern Brotherhood – what’s on the horizon for 2015?  

DL:  More touring and a new RSB record.  You gotta ride the wave while it’s all happening.

Thanks Breedlove!

For more information visit Devon’s website.

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