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Redefining The Thinline Acoustic Guitar: The New Made In Bend, Breedlove Premier Concert Thinline Edgeburst CE

In the realm of acoustic guitars, we like to think Breedlove stands as a beacon of innovation, craftsmanship, and musical excellence. Our latest creation, the Premier Concert Thinline Edgeburst CE, marks a revolution in our world of thinline acoustic guitars, showcasing our dedication to ergonomics, playability, and inspiring acoustic tone.

A New Way To Think About Thinline Acoustic Guitar Design

Imagine a guitar that weaves solid redwood’s articulation with rosewood’s full, distinctive bell-like projection, all elegantly contained within a slim-bodied acoustic. This is the Premier Concert Thinline Edgeburst CE, our first Made In Bend thinline acoustic guitar.

While rooted in tradition, this guitar boldly challenges the boundaries of guitar dimensions, giving way to an inevitable question – Does the compact profile compromise the warmth of the Concert body shape? The answer is resoundingly no.

Central to the guitar’s sonic identity is our exclusive Sound Optimization process. Each fragment of tonewood involved undergoes meticulous calibration, targeting exact frequencies and ensuring the guitar sings with a voice that belies its compact structure.

Why Create Thinline Acoustic Guitar In The First Place?

For acoustic guitarists, comfort is essential. You understand if you’ve ever slung a jumbo-sized flat-top over your shoulder for a gig. But a problem arises when builders try to build smaller-bodied guitars while still expecting jumbo-size tones. The two are generally inextricably linked. But the Premier Concert Thinline Edgeburst CE proves they don’t have to be. We spent countless hours and went through multiple prototypes to ensure it becomes an extension of your art without compromise.

Our First USA-Made Thinline Acoustic Guitar

The Concert Thinline is relatively new for Breedlove. But until now, we’ve never offered one handcrafted in our Bend, Oregon facility. That’s why we’re so proud to offer this Premier Series Thinline. Every element, from the handpicked tonewoods to the meticulous construction, testifies to the unbelievable craftsmanship of the fantastic luthiers we’re so lucky to call our own. Now, you can experience that passion and dedication for yourself in a comfortable, thinline acoustic guitar.

Rethink What’s Possible In Acoustic Guitars

The Premier Concert Thinline Edgeburst CE transcends preconceived notions about what’s possible in thinline acoustic guitar design. Through Breedlove’s unique blend of tradition and innovation, this guitar embodies our mission to craft instruments that inspire musicians and the music they make. We put everything we had into creating the Premier Concert Thinline Edgeburst CE, the first US-made Thinline Concert we’ve offered. It definitely won’t be the last.