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September Featured Artist | Dustin Lynch

September Featured Artist | Dustin Lynch

Signature Breedlove Artist Dustin Lynch Launches Sophomore Album

Dustin talks to Breedlove about his new album and how he has fun on the road.

Country star and Breedlove Signature Artist Dustin Lynch just released his sophomore album Where It’s At as the follow up to his No. 1 Country self-titled debut album. 

On a recent trip to Bend he talked with Breedlove about life on the road and about his new album.

Breedlove: Congratulations on the launch of your new album.  What was it like recording this one?

Dustin Lynch: CHEERS!!!  I’m so excited to have new music out for my friends and fans… Where It’s At was an amazing experience from start to finish; writing the songs, producing the music, and capturing 15 moments in time in the studio - this album is where I’m at in my life

BL: What’s your favorite track?

DL: Oh that’s tough! If I have to choose one though I'll hang my hat on "Your Daddy’s Boots".  This song was the foundation for the album and what we built around.  It is my favorite song I've written to date.

BL: Where It’s At is climbing the charts.  How does this song fit in with the overall feeling of the album?

DL: Sonically I think "Where It’s At" is the perfect introduction to this album.  It’s a fresh sound for me - a new chapter 

BL:  Seems like you guys like to have a good time on tour.  Whose idea was it to celebrate reaching 1 million fans on Facebook by cannonballing into the pool?

DL:  That was mine haha!   I was so blown away with the fact that so many folks follow us and are engaged in what we are doing I decided I’d celebrate with a celebratory splash.

BL: With something like 300 days out on the road this year you’ve been all over the country.  Thanks for stopping by Bend to come see us as well!  Is there a city that has surprised you the most?

DL: I’m constantly surprised with what different cities have to offer.  With each visit and each season of the year, these towns we frequent take on a new character.  Getting to experience this wonderful country and being a nomad tourist is my favorite part of being gone so much.

BL:  Gear wise you play an American D25 and Premier Dreadnought Mahogany.  What do you like about those instruments?

DL: Both guitars have a great balance of brightness and full body sounds.  I use the guitars nightly on stage and jump around like a fool.  Staying in tune is key and these guitars are incredible at staying true.  Cutting thru in the mix is also what we demand for our live show and both guitars stand out beautifully.

BL: What is next for you?

DL:  We are taking the music to as many places and to as many people we can this fall and for sure again in 2015…the sky is the limit!

You can check out Dustin’s American D25 featured in his music video for his first single Where It’s At. 

For more information on Dustin Lynch and tour dates visit his website.

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