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Tom Bedell’s “Blues Orange” Custom “Vintage Edition” Acoustic Guitar

The Breedlove Custom Shop in Bend, Oregon transforms acoustic fantasies into resonant realities. Our team of world-class luthiers, builders, and designers invite you to imagine your desert island combination of body shape and exotic tonewoods,—all meticulously married with our exclusive Sound Optimization process to ensure that your guitar sounds as good as it looks. A truly unique beauty just emerged from the Custom Shop, a stunning custom Orange acoustic-electric from the mind of Breedlove’s owner, Tom Bedell. We invite you to dream and design your own custom anytime, with no strings attached, using our new online custom builder.

When asked about the inspiration behind Tom Bedell’s Blues Orange Concertina, he explained, “Growing up in the 50’s & 60’s, the birth of Folk, Folk Rock, and Rock n’ Roll was my life. Now in the 2020’s, I get to be a part of designing tomorrow’s guitars with new Sound Optimization technology that delivers the unimaginable sound we could not even dream of during those early years. But there is a yearning for the sounds I grew up with and forever a desire to play the songs that live in my wonderful memories. I challenged the Breedlove craftsmen to help me create my very own TB Blues Orange Breedlove Concertina with a sound hole magnetic pickup and 12 fret to the body action for that salty sound and outlandish look. We achieved exactly the sound and feel I was craving. Although I have played a part in countless Breedlove Custom designs, this custom Orange finish and overall aesthetic, combined with the rich sound and tone, is one of my favorites. What do you think? Do you dig the Orange?” Tom Bedell.