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The Breedlove Concert Guitar Body Shape

As part of our deep dive into the Breedlove guitar body shapes, we’re taking a look at the one that, in many ways, started our entire company; the Concert. Though designed 30 years ago, this body shape is still a vital piece of the Breedlove legacy and played a huge role in the creation of our three other options.

A Bit of History

In 1990, Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson moved outside Bend, Oregon. Renting an old barn, the two luthiers quickly turned it into the first home of Breedlove Guitars. One year later, they would release the acoustic guitar design that put, and has kept, us on the map.

Breedlove and Henderson’s vision – for what would become the Concert – was a guitar that combined the finest vintage and high-end acoustic tones with innovative building techniques. This guitar would be exceedingly comfortable and balanced to play, offer considerable low-end warmth, and its singing trebles would become a brand trademark. The guitar also had to prove versatile enough for a wide range of guitarists.

The First Concerts

When the Concert hit the floor at Winter NAMM 1991, it changed people’s opinions of what an acoustic guitar could be. From its rounded, sweeping contours to innovative tonewoods and the asymmetrical headstock, it caught people’s attention. Yet, its deep, detailed, and responsive tone also showed Breedlove’s commitment to time-honored lutherie.

The Concert was a hit, and it wasn’t long before players clamored to try this strange, new acoustic guitar.

The Concert Sound

When defining the Breedlove Concert tone, you can approach it in two ways: 1. As the versatile musical instrument it was designed to be. 2. As the fingerstyle favorite, it has also become.

No one would argue against the Concert’s sonic flexibility. From the day Breedlove and Henderson first dreamed the guitar up, the goals were always a balanced tone and ergonomic excellence. We all want those qualities in our guitars, and the sales numbers show it.

The Concert is by far our most popular body shape. It’s as comfortable played sitting down as strapped over your shoulder for an all-night gig. It can handle the hardest attack or the most gentle brush of the strings. It also delivers its full, clear voice, whether played acoustically or plugged in. It is the do-it-all Breedlove.

The Concert also exudes a unique sonic balance that fingerstyle solo guitarists adore. While the bass frequencies are deep and low, they complement the rest of the tone. This balance lets every note ring loud and clear, whether strummed in a chord or as part of a passing melody.

Play Style

Unsurprisingly, most Concert models fall under our Versatile Play shape. They were, after all, designed for every guitarist. But you’ll also find guitars like our Premier Concert CE, labeled under our Light Play Style designation. Thanks to its beautiful redwood top and Indian rosewood back and side, it is a stunning example of what solo instrumental acoustic players look for.

So who is the Breedlove Concert for?

The obvious answer is everyone. We can’t think of any guitarist who wouldn’t fall in love with the guitar’s comfortable fret access, sweeping sides, and full-but-focused voice. Whether Made in Bend or Designed in Bend, the Concert body shape is the most versatile and comfortable one we make. And considering how comfy and flexible the Concerto, Concertina, and Companion are, that’s saying something.