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The Breedlove Custom Shop: Crafting Your Unique Acoustic With Our Custom Builder Tool

Breedlove Guitars invites you to embark on a journey of dreams, design, and creating your very own custom guitar. This isn’t about owning an instrument; it’s about crafting an extension of yourself, an acoustic guitar that resonates with your unique style and musical vision. The possibilities are endless, and your guitar is only limited by your imagination. We even offer a simple-to-use custom builder tool to help unlock your vision. We’ll discuss all this and more as we dig into the world of custom Breedlove guitars.

The Breedlove Custom Shop

The Breedlove Custom Shop, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Bend, Oregon, is the heart of our craftsmanship. The shop transcends the concept of building guitars; it’s about crafting experiences. Your guitar isn’t just a product; it’s a labor of love, a testament to the guitar building that defines us. Each guitar is crafted with precision, care, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This is where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Our team of world-class luthiers, builders, and designers is ready to turn your vision into a tangible masterpiece. You’ll hear us say it repeatedly, but it’s a journey beyond craftsmanship; it’s an artistic collaboration to create an instrument uniquely yours. In the hands of our luthiers, your guitar is an expression of your musical identity.

Designing Your Custom Breedlove

The Breedlove Custom Shop is our chance to create something extraordinary with you. From the choice of tonewoods to the body shape that complements your playing style, every detail is available to consider meticulously as you piece together your perfect instrument.

There’s the choice of exotic tonewoods, each contributing its unique character to the sonic tapestry of your instrument. Picture the power of Cocobolo, the brightness of Koa, or the articulation of cedar sculpting the very soul of your guitar. The marriage of these tonewoods with our exclusive Sound Optimization process ensures that your guitar doesn’t just look breathtaking; it sounds like a symphony of perfection.

The body shape, a fundamental aspect of any guitar, can also be tailored to your preference. Whether you envision a Concert body’s classic grace or a Concerto’s bold resonance, the power to shape your guitar’s personality rests in your hands.

The customization continues beyond aesthetics and materials. The possible integration of an LR Baggs Anthem preamp system can amplify the potential of your acoustic-electric, providing a stage-ready experience without compromising the guitar’s natural, resonant tone.

The Custom Builder Tool

The Breedlove Custom Shop can make all of this happen, and you don’t even have to come out to Bend for it to happen. Our Custom Shop is a collaborative platform you can access anytime and anywhere through our online Custom Builder Tool. It serves as the virtual bridge, connecting your dreams with the expertise of our world-class luthiers.

As you navigate the online tool, you’re in a space where your wildest guitar dreams come to life. The body shapes, tonewood options, inlays, and more are all just a button click away. You can even submit as many designs as your heart desires without commitment to buy. Don’t see an option you were hoping for? Don’t worry; we can probably make it happen. This is your moment to create a guitar that embodies the sonic qualities you’ve always dreamt of, and we encourage you to explore your creativity. Just let your local dealer know when you’ve designed The One, and we’ll get to work. We’ll even connect you with a dealer in your area if you don’t already have one. Just reach out today.

Time to Start Dreaming

We’ll say it again: the Breedlove Custom Shop isn’t just about building guitars; it’s about building relationships. Your journey with us extends beyond the customization process. It’s an ongoing partnership, a commitment to supporting your musical endeavors. So go ahead and dive into the heart of acoustic craftsmanship. Give the Custom Builder a try. It celebrates individuality, creativity, and the unbridled joy of making music. Your dream guitar will be a collaborative creation and a perfect harmony of your vision and our expertise.