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The Breedlove Family’s Top 10 Acoustic Playlist

Breedlove Acoustic Guitars

A few of the employees here at Breedlove were recently asked what their favorite acoustic song and why.

1. Suz Ceciliani, Breedlove Sales Associate, chose James Bay- “Hold Back The River”. “He is one of the most soulful artists I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a very long time,” says Suz.

2. Jeremy Eggert, Key and International Account Sales, said, “I’d have to say pretty much anything by Tommy Emmanuel, but “Amazing Grace” is a good one. He has creativity, soul and an incredible technique.”

3. Colin Besancon, USA Brand Manager, went with Fleet Foxes “Mykonos”

4. Erika Mohr, who handles anything Breedlove Customs, said " I tend to gravitate toward the singer-songwriter and based on my mood right now, I'd say "Shelter From The Storm" by Bob Dylan or "I'm Nothin Without You", Steve Earle."

5. Miles Benefield, Production Manager, who states “This is an impossible task, I can’t choose between Dawes “That Western Skyline” and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young “Helplessly Hoping”, because they’re both awesome.

6. Abby Cox, Social Media, chose “Pink Bullets” by The Shins because “It’s lyrically awesome and the acoustic played is rich and flows perfectly.”

7. Tom Bedell, Head Hippie, says, “Anything by The Beatles. Growing up and watching The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show is what inspired my love for music.

8. Sami Mulhern , Artist Relations chose “Elsewhere” by Sarah McLachlan. “Ever since I was in high school I have always loved her songwriting. Her voice and the acoustic style provide a calming vibe.

9. Ron Fegenbush, Product Engineer, went with the classic Led Zeppelin song “Stairway To Heaven”. Ron chose this song because he “loves how the beautiful acoustic melody turns into a full blown rock song”, plus he has been trying to learn to play it for years in his spare time while raising his family.

10. Anne Powell, all around go-getter and head of Consumer Services, says, “Sera Cahoone- current day folk, from Band of Horses how can you go wrong.”

Here at Breedlove Stringed Instruments it’s not just about the guitars, it’s about the music. Music has a way to calm you, get you pumped, or act as an outlet for you to get lost in. We hope our instruments inspire you to create music with a distinctively crafted sound.