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The Breedlove Organic Pro Wildwood Pro Series: An African Mahogany Showcase

In the heart of the Congo River Basin Rainforest lies a tonewood treasure, and it’s the inspiration behind the Breedlove Organic Pro Wildwood Pro Series of acoustic guitars. Crafted exclusively from all-solid, FSC Certified African mahogany, these instruments are a testament to wood’s unique beauty and warm, rich tones. Blending our passion for meticulous craftsmanship and ensuring all guitarists have access to excellent instruments, The Wildwood Pro Series represents the most pristine and affordable way to experience this gorgeous tonewood for yourself. Let’s explore more about what makes these guitars genuinely exceptional.

The Soul of African Mahogany

At the core of the Wildwood Pro Series lies FSC-certified African mahogany. This tonewood is native to the world’s second-largest rainforest, the Congo River Basin, and it’s renowned for warm, balanced tones that are exquisite for vocal accompaniment. We take great care to ensure that the mahogany used in these instruments is of the highest quality and sustainably sourced. This commitment to responsible forestry practices preserves the ecosystems we all hold dear.

All-Solid Tonewood Construction

The Wildwood Pro guitars testify to our commitment to quality in their all-solid tonewood construction. Though African mahogany has long been a favorite for backs and sides, its rich and resonant qualities also make it a beautiful and terrific-sounding soundboard material. You can expect mahogany’s signature warmth and balance, with a smokier character than spruce. Never boomy, the sound also rings with subdued but sparkling highs. It’s a tone that’s both full and nuanced. From the top to the back and sides, each piece of tonewood is carefully selected and worked to deliver exceptional resonance that only improves with age.

Cascade Bracing: Tuned to Perfection

Enhancing the Wildwood Pro Series is our proprietary Cascade Bracing. This innovative bracing technique is based on everything we’ve learned through the Sound Optimization hand-tuning process utilized on every Made in Bend Breedlove acoustic. This experience let us design each brace in the Wildwood Pro Series to enhance the tonal qualities for each body shape, getting the purest, most responsive sound from each model. It ensures that your tone retains clarity, articulation, and depth, allowing your music to shine through with every note. Whether you’re strumming or delicately fingerpicking, the Wildwood Pro Series responds with precision and clarity.

The Fishman Electronics Flex Plus-T

We have also equipped the Wildwood Pro Series with Fishman’s Flex Plus-T electronics. This popular system allows you to transition from intimate acoustic sessions to plugged-in performances while retaining your guitar’s organic warmth and dynamic range. Designed with modern guitarists in mind, the Flex Plus-T provides intuitive control, with options for volume, bass, and treble adjustments. Its most impressive feature is combining that control with an onboard tuner while offering a low-profile design that never interferes with your guitar’s aesthetics.

Affordable Breedlove Quality

We are dedicated to making high-quality instruments that are within reach of musicians at all levels, and the entire Organic Pro Collection stands as a testament to that. With their all-solid tonewood construction, Fishman electronics, Cascade Bracing, and high-end appointments, the Wildwood Pro Series offers top-tier craftsmanship and tonal excellence without breaking the bank. We can’t think of a better, more affordable way to experience everything African mahogany has to offer.

The Wildwood Pro Series: Our Affordable Tribute to African Mahogany

Our Organic Pro Wildwood Pro Series is more than just a collection of guitars; it’s a showcase demonstrating the aesthetic and tonal allure of one of our favorite tonewoods. Together with our Cascade Bracing, the all-solid, FSC Certified African mahogany resonates with an addicting character unique in our line. Every aspect of these guitars connects you with the heart of the tonewood and does it at a price we all appreciate.