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Dreadnought + Breedlove Concert = The Concerto

If you’ve followed along with the last couple of articles, you know we’re talking about the four Breedlove acoustic guitar body shapes. The first installment was a general overview of all four. Now we’re turning things up a notch with a deep dive into the powerful and elegant Concerto.

Dreadnought + Breedlove Concert = The Concerto

When most acoustic guitar companies want a dreadnought’s power, articulation, and size, they build a dreadnought. And why wouldn’t they?! It is the most well-known and used acoustic guitar design in history.

But, as we’ve said before, just because a design works doesn’t mean we can’t improve it. Guided by that principle, we set about marrying the dreadnought’s assertive character with the increased detailed resonance of our time-tested Concert bodies. The Concerto body shape is the culmination of that vision.

Larger than a Concert, the Concerto moves significantly more air, resulting in a louder sound; a clear, substantial bass response; and trebles that seem to leap off the fretboard. All the while, the shape also delivers on its promise of rich harmonic elegance and detailed note separation. And, because the Concerto also inherited many of the Concert’s lines, it’s an ergonomic dream that leaves other large-bodied acoustic guitars behind.

Guitar Construction

The secret to the Concerto’s sonic strength lies in the tonewoods and size. Half of an inch larger than the Concert in nearly every dimension, it seems to take the Breedlove sound, store it up, and release it with amplified energy and attack.

Body Shape Comparison
Concerto Concert Concertina Companion
Lower Bout 16” 15.37” 14.75″ 13.53″
Waist 9.37″ 9” 8.64” 7.93”
Upper Bout 11.745” 11.28” 10.828″ 9.93”
Body Length 20.695″ 19.875″ 19.08” 17.5”
Body Depth 4″ (neck), 5” (tail) 3.75″ (neck), 4.5″ (tail) 3.25″ (neck), 4″ (tail) 3.11″ (Neck) 3.85″ (Tailblock)
Headstock Shape Wave Asymmetrical Wave Asymmetrical


But the guitar’s added size doesn’t mean a bulky, uncomfortable playing experience. In fact, you’ll notice it boasts a very similar silhouette to the famously comfy Concert. And the cutaway models offer an easy way to access those higher frets. Then we top it all off with our Wave headstock for a more traditional feel and appearance.

The Concerto Sound

We don’t mean to give you the impression that the Concerto is all about brute strength. Instead, think of the most famous vintage and boutique-quality dreadnought acoustic guitars and add more of everything. The lows are bigger, the mids are more open, and the trebles sing without ever being harsh. Ideal for rhythm strumming and single-note melodies, there’s not much the Concerto doesn’t do well.

Play Style

One of the main reasons guitarists love dreadnoughts is that they take all the energy you put in and give it back with ease. This ability made them the default acoustic guitars for bluegrass flatpicking, rock ‘n’ roll strumming, country singer/songwriters, and the list goes on.

It’s also why we give nearly all of our Concerto acoustic guitars our Heavy Play Style designation. Our Premier Concerto Burnt Amber CE is an excellent example of this. Its Sitka spruce and East Indian rosewood combination add more of everything you love about acoustics with that classic pairing. Of course, you don’t have to dig in when you play one. But that guitar will reward you when you do.

If you love the body shape but have a more delicate touch, check out one of our rarer Versatile Play Style Concertos like this Premier Concerto Edgeburst CE. Its redwood top mellows the tone enough for fingerstyle-approved balance and string-to-string clarity.

So who is the Breedlove Concerto for?

Like the dreadnoughts that inspired it, we designed the Breedlove Concerto to be a go-to guitar for the most iconic tones. But with its added volume, harmonic response, and graceful design, it takes that inspiration further than ever before.

If you love dreadnought acoustics but want more of everything they offer, the Concerto body shape is for you. If you want an acoustic that delivers strong projection without losing tonal detail, the Concerto is for you. And if you’re a strummer or flatpicker who needs to hear every note with every swipe of your pick, the Concerto is for you.