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The Custom Design Center: Exotic Woodset Preview

The Custom Design Center: Exotic Woodset Preview

The Breedlove Custom Design Center is a guitar enthusiast's paradise! We have a wide variety of extremely rare exotic wood sets to choose from. Here's a quick glimpse at a handful of exotics we pulled from the shop this week. All of these sets are currently available and have been paired with carefully matched sides - please contact our staff for more info:

Exotic Ziricote

Clear, punchy and balanced - similar in tone to Brazilian Rosewood. Can be dark with spider webbed figure or highly variegated. A very dense wood, Ziricote is considered an “uber-Rosewood” with a heightened bass response.  It grows in Central American and Mexico.

Custom Stack Koa

Exotic Hawaiian tone-wood. Highest grades are extremely rare. Warm and woody. Koa's voice sweetens and deepens over time. A rare, tropical hardwood endemic to Hawaii, only trees that have fallen on public lands can be harvested.

Exotic East Indian Rosewood

Deep, warm and punchy. Very piano-like with a powerful rich sound. Clean mid and treble. So named for a distinct, rose-like scent when being worked, it is native to India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.


The powerful voice of Rosewood and the clarity or maple. One of the best recording tone-woods available. One of Oregon's exotic tone-woods. Myrtlewood has a wide range of grain and color variation, the color being influenced by the minerals in the soil.  Oregon Myrtlewood is a broadleaf evergreen native to the coastal regions of Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California.

Sinker Redwood

Dynamic, complex and resonates subtle nuances of tone. Phenomenal for light-touch finger-style or heavy-handed natural distortion effects. “Sinker” Redwood is from trees originally harvested in the late 1800’s that sunk during their trip down river to port.  During their time buried in the river sediment, the wood pulled in minerals giving it the variegated color variation.

Premium Claro Walnut

The textured woodiness of Mahogany, and the rich depth of Rosewood. An excellent exotic tone-wood, with unique warmth and tonal depth. Harvested in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Claro Walnut is a hybrid of Bastogne Walnut and Black Walnut.