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The Fetter Moment Launches new Website

The Fetter Moment Launches new Website

The Fetter Moment is excited to launch their new website!

Breedlove artist Tom Rodriguez is the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist for the Indie alt-rock band The Fetter Moment.  Catchy hooks and riffs make every song memorable leaving them stuck in your head and in your heart but the band's main purpose:  To be an outpour of honesty through stories of victory, love and love lost, heart wrenching moments, and fears and failures; challenging any listener to look up and reach for something much bigger than themselves.  You can stream and/or download the band's latest ep "Occupation of the Elephant" at their website

Furthermore be sure to explore the music page to view a live studio acoustic performance of "dying day" in which a cascade series Breedlove was the instrument of choice.

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