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The New Made In Bend Companion Acoustic Travel Guitars

We’ve said it before and will say it again; innovation drives every aspect of Breedlove. We never rest when pushing the limits of acoustic guitar tone, playability, and performance. So, while we’ve always been thrilled with our Designed In Bend Companion guitars, we wanted to see how far we could take them in our USA Custom Shop.

“Anyone could make a travel-size guitar,” said Breedlove Wood Management & Product Development Manager Angela Christensen. “Our goal was to give the Companion an even more captivating voice while maintaining its size, shape, and overall feel. We also wanted it to handle any playing style you throw at it.”

That’s no easy task, but we knew our team of talented craftspeople was up to the task. And, along with the great value offered by our Designed In Bend models, it would offer your choice of Companions at any price point.

Applying everything we’ve learned by measuring and hand-tuning every Made In Bend guitar via our proprietary Sound Optimization process, we soon had a handful of prototypes for testing. From different tonewood combinations to precise shaping of the braces, we tried everything to ensure these two Companions were like nothing else out there.

“Music is a tonic for many of us. Having a guitar nearby for whenever we might feel the urge to pick it up and express what we are feeling inside, or a song that is playing in our head…a way to fill space and time with our musical expression. Being able to pack a guitar in your truck, fit it easily in the airplane overhead, or loading it in your Breedlove Tour Mate back pack. The Breedlove Companion is designed to be your true companion whether resting conveniently in your home music room, easily carried to a neighborhood gathering, or traveling with you on that much-awaited beach holiday.

Many companies have introduced “baby” or small body size guitars commonly called Travel Guitars. The focus has been on size with diminished sound and frequently, playability. At Breedlove, we see no reason a musician should have to sacrifice sound or playability for convenience. We have spent years perfecting our SOUND OPTIMIZATION and Hand Voicing process to achieve the ideal body shape, tonewood dimensions and Cascade Bracing to craft USA Breedlove Companion guitars that sound like full size instruments in both projection and tonal complexity. Once you play a USA Breedlove Companion, you will find yourself automatically having it by your side wherever you are. It will become your go-to guitar,” Tom Bedell

Introducing the USA Breedlove Companion Oregon and Premier models…designed and crafted for
accomplished musicians.

Oregon Companion CE Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood

Though we tried a lot of guitar materials for the USA Companions, it didn’t surprise us that solid Myrtlewood was one of our favorites. It’s a perfect marriage of our love for nature in the Pacific Northwest and our passion for exotic alternative tonewoods.

The Oregon Companion CE encompasses everything we like about Myrtlewood. Its astounding aesthetic variations can go from creamy swirls of color and spalting to deep figure. And because its tonal blend is reminiscent of rosewood, mahogany, and maple, it rings with a full-frequency voice, adding to its larger-than-life character.

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Oregon Companion CE Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood specs:

  • Solid Myrtlewood soundboard
  • Solid Myrtlewood back and sides
  • Body length: 17.5″
  • body depth: 3.25″ – 4″
  • Lower bout width: 13.5″
  • Upper bout width: 10″
  • Waist width: 8″
  • Onboard electronics LR Baggs EAS VTC
  • Hardshell case included

Premier Companion Edgeburst CE Redwood-East Indian Rosewood

Our Made In Bend Premier Series is where we get to show off some of our favorite exotic tonewoods. That’s precisely the case with this Premier Companion Edgeburst CE. All solid tonewood construction, this Companion blends tried-and-true East Indian rosewood back and sides with the unique but addictive tones supplied by its Redwood top.

Redwood, while not unheard of in guitar building, is still relatively rare. We’re not sure why. As a soundboard, it sings with all of cedar’s detailed touch response but with spruce’s added power. And because we use sinker redwood (found in oxygen-free environments at the bottom of lakes and the ocean), it is even lighter and stiffer, enhancing its already gorgeous personality.

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Premier Companion Edgeburst CE Redwood-East Indian Rosewood specs:

  • Solid sinker redwood soundboard
  • Solid East Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Body length: 17.5″
  • body depth: 3.25″ – 4″
  • Lower bout width: 13.5″
  • Upper bout width: 10″
  • Waist width: 8″
  • Onboard electronics LR Baggs EAS VTC
  • Hardshell case included

The New Designed In Bend Companions

Always pushing forward, we knew we had to include everything we learned building previous Companions and these two USA models in our Designed In Bend guitars. And that’s exactly what we did.

Today’s Designed In Bend Companions boast all of the playability, comfort, and travel-friendly dimensions that the body shape always has. But look inside, and you’ll find the secret to their louder and richer voice.

Cascade Bracing

Though already available on the rest of our Designed In Bend models, the Companion presented some unique challenges to perfecting our proprietary bracing in such a small package. But after countless measurements, prototypes, and years of data collected via Sound Optimization, we finally nailed it.

“Whether flying, overlanding, camping, or strumming a few chords on the beach, you won’t have to compromise tone ever again,” said Christensen. “Cascade Bracing’s combination of specially engineered braces and optimized wood thicknesses ensure the instruments can vibrate with increased resonance and projection. So, the new Companion isn’t just a good travel guitar. It’s a good guitar, period.”

But Are They The Best Travel Guitars For You?

We’d never limit the Breedlove Companion acoustics to simple travel guitars. That can bring to mind mini acoustic guitars made of composite material. It’s probably better to call them travel-sized guitars. Their smaller body size, short scale length, and lighter weight make them a good option for overlanding, camping, boating, flying, etc. (We know. We’ve taken these guitars everywhere!). They’re a good choice anytime you can’t lug around your full-size guitar.

They’re also excellent for beginner guitarists and a younger player with smaller hands. And thanks to their big sound, they make a wonderful addition to any guitarist or studio’s collection.

When it comes down to it, we never wanted to build a great travel guitar. We wanted to craft a great-sounding, travel-sized guitar with good action and playability and one that lets you leave your regular guitar at home when you hit the road. And now, there are more Breedlove Companion models than ever. That means, however you use your new Companion, we know you’ll love it.

Body Shape Comparison
Concerto Concert Concertina Companion
Scale Length 25.5” 25.5” 25” 23.5”
Lower Bout 16” 15.37” 14.75″ 13.53″
Waist 9.37″ 9” 8.64” 7.93”
Upper Bout 11.745” 11.28” 10.828″ 9.93”
Body Length 20.695″ 19.875″ 19.08” 17.5”
Body Depth 4″ (neck), 5” (tail) 3.75″ (neck), 4.5″ (tail) 3.25″ (neck), 4″ (tail) 3.11″ (Neck) 3.85″ (Tailblock)
Headstock Shape Wave Asymmetrical Wave Asymmetrical