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The Parlor-Sized Concertina Guitar Body Shape

We recently explored all four of the Breedlove body shapes. Now, we’re deep-diving into each of these guitar sizes to really learn what makes them unique, and to help you determine which guitar size is best for you. Next up in our acoustic guitar body shape series is the Breedlove Concertina. Combining the best of a compact, parlor-style guitar with the tonal and ergonomic benefits of Breedlove design, these instruments have a richer, fuller sound than expected and are a joy to play.

A Parlor Guitar, But Better

When the acoustic guitar first came to prominence, it was as a small-bodied instrument kept around the house to entertain family and friends. These guitars earned the name ‘parlor’ for the room they were often kept. Today, parlor guitars remain popular for their comfortable, compact dimensions and articulate, inimitable tone.

Wanting to offer an acoustic with similar traits, we set out to create what we think is the ultimate version of the instrument. The Concertina is only slightly larger than most parlors, so it still offers the same benefits as the vintage classics. But its Breedlove Concert-inspired contours, sound-optimized construction, and innovative features take the body shape to a new level.

Concertina Construction

The Concertina is much more than a smaller version of our Concert and Concerto models. It is designed from the ground up to improve the parlor shape and meet our exacting tonal and quality standards. That means it is more comfortable, easier to play, exudes more warmth, and increased response.

Body Shape Comparison
Concerto Concert Concertina Companion
Lower Bout 16” 15.37” 14.75″ 13.53″
Waist 9.37″ 9” 8.64” 7.93”
Upper Bout 11.745” 11.28” 10.828″ 9.93”
Body Length 20.695″ 19.875″ 19.08” 17.5”
Body Depth 4″ (neck), 5” (tail) 3.75″ (neck), 4.5″ (tail) 3.25″ (neck), 4″ (tail) 3.11″ (Neck) 3.85″ (Tailblock)
Headstock Shape Wave Asymmetrical Wave Asymmetrical


We achieved this in several ways, including our signature body styling and a short-scale, 12-fret construction. We then employed building techniques learned from years of Sound Optimization experience, such as Cascade Bracing, tight wood thickness tolerances, and our Wave headstock.

The Concertina Sound

The above design and construction elements combine in classic parlor guitars’ focused and articulate tone. Yet the Concertina also has a warm, woody sound with plenty of harmonics. Small-bodied acoustic guitars aren’t meant to deliver an extended low end. But we think the Concertina offers a fuller sound than most, and it’s one you’ll love.

Play Style

Parlor guitars were mainly used to entertain a small room of a few people. Because of this, volume and power were never a consideration in their design. Instead, the guitars love a delicate touch and reward it with a voice perfect for accompanying your own.

We designed the Concertina with much of that same vision, which is why you’ll mainly find them under our Light Play Style designation. From their size to the clear-cut-free tonewoods used in their construction, it’s easy to coax warm, detailed tone from their soundboards.

Note: As with all of our body shapes, you will still find Concertinas in our other Play Style designations. So, while a little goes a long way, don’t be afraid to give them a strum.

So who is the Breedlove Concertina for?

The Concertina is truly an acoustic guitar for every guitar player, but not because of its versatility or ability to go from stadiums to bedrooms. It’s because it has a sound so unique and enchanting that you will want one of your own. And, just like the finest parlors from 100 years ago, they are the perfect guitars for keeping close by and making music for everyone who will listen.

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