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The Plott Hounds: Here’s To Living Free

The Plott Hounds: Here’s To Living Free

Breedlove recently caught up with Noah Bodner of The Plott Hounds to discuss their new album, “Living Free”. Since the release of their EP last spring they have been tirelessly working on the new album, set to drop July 7, 2015.

“The Album, Living Free, was an absolute joy to work on. Ever since we released our Debut EP last spring we have been working towards this point. We busted our backs all year, touring, playing out, saving every dollar so that we could have the opportunity to get a top quality professional record out there and we all think we accomplished that goal. This entire album is really my life story to this point. It covers some of the darker moments and also some of the brightest."

"These songs are so connected to me on such a personal level that at first I had a bit of reservation releasing and even writing some of them, but at the end of the day I think people will connect with that element of rawness and potential vulnerability & emotion. Writing these songs really starts with my Breedlove Legacy Dread and me. I usually come to my guitar with a memory, or a story or maybe even just an emotion and sitting down with that guitar is where the magic tends to happen. It helps me pull everything out of my mind and onto a piece of paper. The guitar helps me turn stories into songs and then I get to bring it to all the guys in the band so that they can breathe even more life into it and really make it into something special. I think listeners, current fans and hopefully new ones will be surprised by all of the ground we cover in this record; from Blues to pure Rock and Roll to traditional country and even a good bit of Americana and Folk. We wanted to put something out there that really highlighted everything that connects with us musically as opposed to trying to put a specific sound together to fit a genre. I also hope folks feel something when they listen to it. My main goal as a song writer is to trigger human emotion through my songs. I want folks to be able to feel that from me and in turn have it reflect on them; I think as band, we were able to capture that.”

Be sure to check out The Plott Hounds, Pre-sale on digital outlets begins Friday 6/5 and release is 7/7!

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