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Aaron takes great pride in producing instruments that live up to Breedlove’s reputation for impeccable quality. With over a decade in the shop, he’s worked in nearly every phase of the building process. Aaron is now the lead in the body department and he inspects every body before it moves on to assembly. Inspections are one of Aaron’s favorite parts of his job, he says, “If you say everything’s perfect, it has to be.” He especially enjoys working with exotic woods and fine appointments, and believes that every single detail counts. He lives by Kim Breedlove’s philosophy that you must always have the end in mind when building instruments. Aaron takes particular pride in the custom instruments that come through his department, knowing that each piece of wood was hand-selected by a customer in the Breedlove Custom Design Center, and he enjoys bringing their vision and their custom-designed sound to life.

Aaron grew up in Corvalis, Oregon, spent some time in Phoenix, and moved to Bend in 2002. Prior to Breedlove, Aaron built custom homes and cabinetry. An accomplished woodworker, he has a home shop, where he most of the cabinetry found in the Breedlove workshop today.  In 2009, he designed and built his very own calendar series guitar, which still remains in his private collection.  He plans to pass this guitar on to his children and hopes it stays in his family for many generations as a symbol of his hard work and dedication to his craft. On evenings and weekends, Aaron can be found whittling in his shop, spending time with his family, or out with his brother shooting targets using the Western guns in their private collection.

Favorite meal in Bend: Burger or oysters at 900 Wall Street
Favorite view in Bend: The juniper forests in the Badlands
Best live show you’ve seen: Willie Nelson, 2001, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
Movie you could watch over and over: Caddyshack
Most sentimental possession: My grandfather’s level
Most useful possession: My table saw
Favorite adult beverage: Rainer beer
Favorite craft beer: Rainer beer
Dream vacation: Kaui
How friends describe you: Hardworking