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Erik’s lifelong journey in the music industry has been long traveled, with many interesting turns and transitions. He has logged many hours behind microphones and boards working as an audio engineer, radio DJ, drum tech and even spent a period of time working for a loudspeaker manufacturer. On the performance side, he was the stage / production side of the business, he was the stage manager at Fox Theater and has been a singer / songwriter. Finally, he found himself studying at the Roberto Venn Luthier School. All of these various pursuits and passions prepared him for what he describes as his “dream job.” A craftsman at Breedlove Guitars. Erika works in one of the most important and rewarding departments here at Breedlove. You see, when a guitar has completed the build and is moments from becoming an actual instrument – all of those parts move into the String-up Department. Here, they are meticulously assembled into an acoustic guitar – and craftsmen like Erik get to assemble and strum the instruments for the very first time. In essence, they get to hear each guitar come to life for the very first time.

Favorite view in Bend: Mt. Bachelor
Movie you could watch over and over: The Shining
Most sentimental possession: A 12-string I bought when I was 15
Favorite craft beer: Hop Valley – Alphadelic
Dream Vacation: Whistler / Blackcomb Heli skiing
First album you bought as a kid: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon
Biggest musical influence: You guessed it. Pink Floyd!